Stinky’s, The Midway and … ?

My column today on Cafe Montclair, the latest restaurant in the building that once housed the Plum Tree, the Majestic, Ginger’s Place and, originally, Lizzy’s, prompted a note from Bob House:

“Today’s column about the new Montclair restaurant got me thinking about Valley restaurants and bars that are no more. Would readers find that an interesting thread? I nominate two from Claremont’s past: Stinky’s, a burger place on Foothill that lasted into the ’60s, and The Midway, an iconic dive bar, also on Foothill, that made it into the ’70s. The Midway is featured in Kem Nunn’s first book, ‘Pomona Queen.'”

Feel free to add to the list, readers.

Two further notes I left out of the column: The hostess at Cafe Montclair, who held the same job at Plum Tree, is Pia Jackson, whose family owned the fondly remembered Di Censo’s Italian Restaurant in Upland. And Joanne Boyajian of the Ontario Library discovered there was a Tin Lizzy restaurant on Holt Avenue in Pomona from 1968 to 1970, of unknown relation to the Montclair Lizzy’s, which also had a Tin Lizzy theme. Huh!

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