Restaurant of the Week: Corky’s Kitchen

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Corky’s Kitchen and Bakery, 6403 Haven (at I-210), Rancho Cucamonga

The interior (cheerful, bright, with an inviting bakery case and country clutter-type decor) and the menu (pancakes, sandwiches, salads, homey dinner entrees, pies, muffins) remind me of Polly’s Bakery Cafe, a SoCal chain I like. Corky’s is ambitious: It’s open an astonishing 24 hours a day. At least until it sinks in with the owners that no one in Rancho Cucamonga is up past 8:45 p.m.

At any rate, I ordered my baseline sandwich, a tuna melt on sourdough, which proved better than average. The sandwich came with a dinner salad that showed some effort. As Corky’s had a half-dozen pies on hand, I tried a slice of Dutch apple. It was practically a meal in itself, bursting with tart apples. Corky’s is pretty far out of my way, and yet I can see myself going back on a long lunch hour sometime. Unless the mood strikes me at 3 a.m.

UPDATE: Corky’s, I’ve since learned, was opened by Mike and Jennifer Towles after closing their Tole House Cafe in the same shopping center. It’s named for Mike’s late grandmother.

36818-corkys 002.jpg
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  • Bob House

    Hi David – Thanks for the in-depth Fair report today [Bob is referring to my print column — DA] as I won’t be able to make my annual pilgrimage this year. I know Fairplex is working every year to bring the Fair into the 21st century, but for those of us who’ve been going since the ’50s, it’s how very little really changes each year that is the real treat.

    In the spirit of the Fair (and maybe because it will draw more folks to the blog), I’m going to e-mail you the recipe I used to win the Grand Championship of the Barbecue Contest at the Fair in 1990. You decide if you want to use it or not. [See Saturday’s blog! — DA]

    Also, advise the Jaycees that out-of-state visitors are already making plans to attend the Christmas parade based on your marshalship.


    Bob House


    David…Corky’s is usually not very crowded at 3am…next visit ya might wanna try the homemade cinnamon rolls!!