(Cream) puff piece

Rancho Cucamonga is getting a Beard Papa, a development whose profound significance does not have to be explained to Asian-food hipsters.

For the rest of you, Beard Papa sells cream puffs injected with the custard of your choice on the spot: vanilla, chocolate or green tea, plus a flavor of the week. The chain, founded in Osaka, Japan, is very hot right now. I visited a Beard Papa on Sawtelle Avenue in L.A. recently and it did live up to the hype. The chain’s logo is a cartoon of an almost garden gnome-ish bearded old man’s face.

Beard Papa will open later this year in Victoria Gardens (where else?), joining Pinkberry, Gyu-Kaku, P.F. Chang’s and Kabuki, representing Korean, Japanese and Chinese foodstuffs. Well, Victoria Gardens is in Rancho Cucamonga’s far east…

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  • JMac

    Well, a Sprinkles can’t be far behind, can it?

  • Thanks for the tip. Count me among the fans of Beard Papa (which I always want to call Papa Beard). There used to be a stand at Marukai Marketplace in Gardena (my family’s personal form of mecca), but it recently closed. It did well there, but it was not bombarded as their other California locations are. Too bad they couldn’t get one in the Expansion.

  • Teri Siaz

    Beard Papa rules all over Sprinkles, JMac! Not even close. I know ’cause I’m the Beard Mama.

  • JMac

    LOL! All I know is, both of these places have some sort of cult following……so I’ve heard!!