Restaurant of the Week: Mr. Fish and Chips


Mr. Fish and Chips, 1453 Foothill Blvd. (at Wheeler), La Verne.

With plans to attend the La Verne council meeting Monday evening, I carefully pondered my options for dining in that city, which is too remote for me to get to from Ontario on a lunch break. Should I try the Caribbean place? How about the Indonesian place? The city’s online dining guide (find it here) was a big help in evaluating the possibilities.

Alas, I delayed too long at the office trying to wrap up a few things and by the time I got to La Verne, I had under half an hour for dinner. Oopsie. So I tried a new-to-me spot close to City Hall, to cut my travel time, and where I guessed I could get a quick meal: Mr. Fish and Chips, in the CVS shopping center on Foothill.

I ordered the fish sandwich, with onion rings as my side, from the friendly woman behind the counter. Without a drink — who had time? — my tab was $5.29. A sign asks customers to be patient because the food is made to order. My own order arrived on a plate in the shape of a fish, a cute touch. The verdict? The sandwich was surprisingly good and the onion rings were also a cut above. The batter on both was light and crispy, not heavy as you might fear.

I’ll have to go back sometime when I don’t have to inhale my food in 15 minutes. Although that Indonesian place will probably get my business next…

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  • Joanne Dallas

    Dear David, I followed your suggestion and found your blog. You recently commented on Cafe Montclair. There is another rather classy place called Dolce Cafe and Bakery. It is housed in the space formerly occupied by Gateway Computer at Central and Arrow. Cooks make your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to order while you look on. The pastries are quite beautiful. Lots of space to sit at tables or comfy chairs by the window. Actually, this center could be another Montclair Restaurant Row with Indian, Chinese, Japanese….and Quizno’s (multi ethnic?) all in a… row.

    Joanne Dallas

    [Joanne: Good observation about the multi-ethnic makeup of that center. I had a pastry and OJ at Dolce not long after it opened. The place was a little cavernous for my taste (I prefer the homier Local Baker in Upland and Some Crust in Claremont) but the food was fine. — DA]

  • Kristin McConnell


    Have you tried Tenderloin yet? It’s on Foothill and D in the Stater Brothers shopping center.

    I’d like to find out the true story, but it seems that Tenderloin, Tony’s Spunky Steer (in Chino, around the corner from the school where I teach), and Hungry Bear in Fullerton, are all related. They each have a Specialty Steak (small, but mighty! says the menu), a stockyard steak and those absolutely delectable mushrooms!

    If you haven’t, check it out! 🙂


    [Haven’t hit the Tenderloin yet, possibly because the name reminds me of the seedy Tenderloin District in Frisco. But now I’ll have to check it out. Ditto with Tony’s Spunky Steer — love the name. — DA]

  • Scott

    If I remember right, didn’t they all used to be Steer ‘N Stein?