Guasti Cafe fan opens negotiations

I wrote in Wednesday’s column (read it here) that the Guasti Cafe — home of big breakfasts and 25-cent coffee, and known until 2005 as Homestyle Cafe — will close Oct. 31 and relocate to Chino. Reader Randy Volm writes:

“David, I don’t know about you, but I have been a longtime fan of the Homestyle Cafe since it opened in 1985. I have always enjoyed their wonderful food (huge portions I might add) and the warm hospitality of home no matter how busy they were.

“Personally, I wouldn’t care if they had to raise the price of coffee to $1. Even that would pale in comparison to what other establishments are charging. Why, even Denny’s I believe is charging $2.25 for a cup of coffee.

“In closing, I don’t care about the extra distance to get to the new Homestyle Cafe (I’m in Upland). To me, it will always be worth it.”

The cafe’s owners will be cheered by an Uplander’s willingness to follow their restaurant to Chino. But Randy, did you have to say you’d pay four times as much for one of their cups of coffee? You might give them ideas.

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  • Tami Schumacher

    My family and I have been going to Guasti/Homestyle for over 13 years. We still share one pancake between the four of us. Funny thing, our favorite waitress who worked at Jack’s in R.C. (now gone) is now working at Guasti Cafe. Who’s following who?