Pomona’s pooch

Reader Richard E. Nunez writes with an intriguing question:

“I have been trying to find out the name of the dog on the seal of Pomona. Nobody seems to know at City Hall. So if you could help me with this, that would be great. Thanks.”

I wasn’t aware the city seal even featured a dog, but by golly it does. View an image here.

Pomona with a dog turns out to be mythologically correct. An online search turned up the tome “Manual of Mythology” by Alexander Stuart Murray, in which the entry for Pomona reads: “Was goddess of garden fruits, and was represented wearing a wreath composed of such, or holding in her hand a horn of plenty full of them, with a dog by her side.”

My understanding is that little is known about the Roman goddess Pomona, so perhaps her dog’s name, if he/she had a name, is lost to history. That said, can any students of mythology shed any light on this?

Alternately, I suppose we could simply make up an appropriate name for a dog that would belong to Pomona the goddess/Pomona the city. How about Taco?

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  • Hmmm, Taco could be taken as kind of racist. What if we call the dog Willow? That’s the name of the Pomona PD’s gentlest police dog. She’s a bloodhound, doesn’t bite, and she has found many a lost Pomona child and old person.

  • Kristin McConnell

    I think “Taco” is funny. Besides, it does represent the majority of those who live in Pomona (as well as Southern California in general). To me, it’s not racist at all.

  • Bob House

    Can’t find that name anywhere. Let’s just assume the goddess Pomona had a sense of humor and named him after her husband, Vertumnus.

  • richard e nunez

    What about D.O.G.? Mmm, could work….

    [God’s dog? I guess the Goddess’ dog should be Sseddog. — DA]

  • Judi Guizado

    Maybe, since it’s a little dog, it should be Taquito.

  • Trish

    How about PP? I think we sould go with this name, since my uncle Rich was the dude that started this blog posting, so that would make me famous LOL

  • WendyE

    If it were Rancho’s seal, we could call the dog “Cucamongrel.”

    [Snort! Thanks, Wendy. — DA]

  • jerry

    all u guys are dumb…the dog is a doberman pinscher.