Second Street dreams

I’ve visited Pomona’s Second Street on a couple of occasions recently, which may be what inspired not one but two dreams the other night as your bleary-eyed blogger lay sleeping.

In the first, I happened to be downtown when I saw people converging on the Glass House nightclub. There was a rumor that the Rolling Stones were playing a rare club date there in just a few minutes. The event had been so hush-hush that, amazingly, tickets were still available.

My problem was, I had already paid $15 for a ticket to see the band She Wants Revenge (note: this is a real band but I’ve never heard their music) at another (note: nonexistent) club downtown that night. Did I want to waste that money by seeing the Rolling Stones instead?? Clearly I’m no more spontaneous in my dreams than I am in real life. Nevertheless, I was swept up in the crowd going into the Stones show. Alas, my dream ended before the concert could start.

In my second Second Street dream of the night, I was again downtown and was stunned to see that the Glass House exterior, and much of that block, was halfway through an extensive remodeling. How had I missed this? I was just down there a few days before!

From there I dropped into Magic Door Books, which was open, but completely bare inside, and freshly painted. The owners weren’t in. A customer came in and asked me for help finding a certain section of books. I was going to show him but realized there were no books. I didn’t know what to say. At this point I woke up.

What does all this mean? I guess the changes coming to Second Street have me excited but anxious. It’s also possible I need to get out more. Say, to Euclid Avenue.

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  • Robert Karatsu

    What on earth would make you dream about the band She Wants Revenge? We actually have one of their CDs here at the Library is you want to check it out.

    But I wouldn’t…

  • I’m only familiar with their song “Tear You Apart.” Considering how the Stones have aged, I’m not sure which concert I’d want to attend. The Stones obviously have the better song catalog (actually Allen Klein has half the catalog), but I’m not sure if I’d want to watch them perform today. (Start me up? Please?)

  • Dwain Kaiser

    So far your dream hasn’t come true… our shelves are hardly empty (with two storage areas even if they were emptied in a mad buying rush of customers we could refill them again quickly enough).

    Magic Door Quality Used Books