Laughing matter?

You may recall the comedy club that was announced as coming to downtown Pomona’s Opera Garage building on Thomas near Third. As late as July, the Gerrymander was said to be opening in September. Well, the club is still coming, but obviously it’s missed its target date.

I ran into Cathy Tessier, the club’s landlord, at the Claremont Packinghouse the other morning — neither of us was injured — and I asked her about the club’s status. She said getting an elevator up and running to the second-floor club was proving more difficult than expected. Apparently elevator repairmen are in such demand, they make plumbers and cable TV repairmen look speedy.

The club won’t open until January, Tessier said.

Until then, looks like we’ll have to continue to rely on the Pomona City Council for our improvisational humor.

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  • Steve

    It’s more than a year later…what is the latest status on this comedy club??

    [The operator pulled out with the space only partly finished. The idea of a comedy club in that space is still being kicked around but it seems to be on indefinite hold. — DA]