Blade Runnin’

I trekked to L.A. Sunday to see “Blade Runner: The Final Cut” on its final weekend at its only location, the new Landmark theater at the Westside Pavilion. Great movie, obviously, except that even though I’m a fan who’s seen its various iterations probably four previous times, I really couldn’t tell you what was different about this version. Always good to see it on the big screen, though.

A few tidbits about life in “Blade Runner’s” Los Angeles, 2019, that were noteworthy here in 2007:

1) It rains all the time; this is meant as oppressive, but compared to the past couple of bone-dry years, it was kind of pleasant;

2) Harrison Ford’s character twice is seen reading actual newspapers, meaning yours truly may (whew!) be employed for a while yet;

3) Judging by the neon billboards, the defunct Pan Am company will be revived; and

4) The current downtown L.A. condo boom will be shortlived. J.F. Sebastian lives alone in the decrepit Bradbury Apartments and says to Pris: “No housing shortage here. Plenty of room for everybody.”

After the movie, I walked a block for lunch at the Apple Pan, the burger stand celebrating its 60th anniversary. Hadn’t been there in a few years, but of course it’s exactly the same, with the same guy behind the U-shaped counter hustling to serve everybody. The service is dryly efficient and hilariously blunt. Ordering takes no more than 5 seconds.

Counterman: “Yes?”
Me: “Steakburger.”
Counterman: “Cheese?”
Me: “Yes.”
Counterman: “Fries?”
Me: “Yes.”
Counterman: “Coke?”
Me: “Yes.”
Counterman: “Anything else?”
Me: “No.”

Was my lunch good? Oh yes.

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  • Cheeps? Pepsi? 🙂

    [“Hamboogie, cheeboogie, Pepsi, Pepsi.” — DA]