Traffic-choked … La Verne?

Did you read this week that La Verne is getting $400,000 from county transportation funds?

The money is for a system to monitor and adjust traffic lights on White and Bonita avenues and on Arrow Highway to keep traffic moving. As a taxpayer, I think I speak for everyone when I say: What a relief! Once downtown La Verne gets a handle on its hellish traffic, we can all sleep easier.

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  • A cheap shot, David! Arrow Highway is not downtown La Verne, and if you have ever driven Arrow Highway at rush hour, you know how congested it can get. There is one block between the signal at D and the one at E/Fairplex, and it’s really annoying to have to stop again so soon. There’s a definite need for this monitoring system.

    [Hey, if you can’t put a cheap shot on a blog, where can you put it? Seriously, I’m aware that Claremont and Diamond Bar, among other small cities, also have this system. I’m sure it will have some benefit. But $400,000 is a lotta lettuce! — DA]