A desperate bid for readership

My colleague Jeff Malet found this online on Tuesday. It’s from some outlet called Celebrity News Service. Wait for the local angle:

“Los Angeles, CA (CNS) — Lindsay Lohan has embraced her clean and healthy lifestyle and is working it into her community service.

“The troubled 21-year-old starlet has begun her court-appointed service stemming from a DUI plea bargain. The actress escaped jail time by agreeing to do 10 days of community service.

“Lindsay, who has been staying out of the L.A. party scene since leaving rehab for the third time in 12 months, spent her Monday at the American Red Cross in Pomona, California.

“The ‘Mean Girls’ star was joined by paparazzi as she prepped people to donate their blood.

“Lindsay has not commented on her road to recovery and DUI punishment. She has nine more days left to serve her community.”

According to other websites, Lohan was at the blood center from noon to 7 p.m. The lohangroupie.com site reports that she left carrying a book titled “Blood: An Epic History of Medicine and Commerce.”

Just like I always say, all roads lead to Pomona — even the road to recovery.

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  • calwatch

    Are you sure you don’t mean City News Service?

    [Yes, I’m sure. — DA]