Jo(h)n Stewart

On Friday I conducted a phone interview with singer/songwriter John Stewart for an upcoming column. Stewart attended Pomona Catholic High School in the 1950s, joined the Kingston Trio and for the past 40 years has had a moderately successful career as a folk singer.

I’ll share one bit from the interview that may not make it into print. I brought up “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart. John Stewart mock-groused: “I’ve got people coming to shows thinking I’m him. They leave after four songs, disappointed. His real name isn’t even Jon Stewart. I had the name first!” (It’s true, Jon Stewart was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.) Stewart added: “I think he’s hysterical.”

The column may run this week, or possibly the next.

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  • Bob House

    The Stewart family lived in Claremont and Jon’s brother, Michael, used to perform at my junior high with the group that became the We Five (“You Were On My Mind”). Many years ago, I was listening to John Stewart being interviewed and he said he lived in a small, rural Northern California town at the time. When the interviewer asked, “Why do you live there?,” Stewart replied, “Because that’s where all my stuff is.” I still think that’s one of the best interview lines ever.


    John mentions Pomona in several of his songs …. most notably “Back In Pomona” … longtime fan … got all the albums … remember vinyl, David?