Mental floss

I spent Tuesday afternoon at the Pomona Public Library, giving myself eyestrain over the course of a couple of hours peering at microfilm copies of the Progress-Bulletin from the ’40s to the ’70s as I researched the Pomona Christmas Parade history for Friday’s column.

Found some amusing and startling stuff. For one, the parade is older than the Jaycees (“56th annual”) think it is. For another: the 1976 grand marshal was Donald Duck. I’m following in a grand tradition, folks.

In case you’ve forgotten, the parade is in three days: this Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon, on East Holt Boulevard from Caswell to East End. Be there or spend the rest of your life regretting it.

On my drive home from the library, I stopped at a red light in Claremont alongside a sportscar presumably driven by a dentist. Its vanity plate: UFLOSS.

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  • Criminal Neglect

    What are you doing with all this historical research? You are stealing Joe Blackstock’s bit! Watch your back; he might slash your tires.

    [I trust history won’t prove you correct. — DA]

  • Judi Guizado

    So, which wave are you going to use? The “princess”? The “finger waggle”? The “windshield wiper”? (You’re trying out each one right now, aren’t you?!) Also, here’s a tip from my old drill team days: A thin layer of Vaseline on the teeth allows for easier, longer smiling, as your lips won’t dry out and stick to the teeth, which can result in awkward grimacing and face contorting to unstick said teeth. Oh, a Grand Marshal has so much to consider before perching in a convertible!

    Have fun!

    [Which wave? Hmm. I’m leaning toward “wax on, wax off”… DA]