Restaurant of the Week: King’s Teriyaki


This week’s restaurant: King’s Teriyaki, 1175 E. Holt Ave. (at Clark), Pomona

This is a new place near Clark Avenue and across from Minit Man Car Wash. Until recently it was a burrito joint named something like El Amigazo. I looked the address up in a reverse directory at the library recently and learned the building was originally an Arby’s, which makes perfect sense; it’s got the same curved-roof chuckwagon design as the Arby’s on North Garey.

Anyway, King’s has the usual array of chicken, beef and teriyaki bowls and plates, plus shrimp and fried fish teriyaki. For chicken, you could get a small bowl ($3.25), a medium bowl ($3.75), a large bowl ($4.25) or the plate ($5.25), which comes with a small salad and two gyoza. Scanning the menu too hastily, I got the plate, which with a drink cost $7.08 and arrived in a foam container.

Why too hastily? A small or medium bowl would have sufficed. Two people could have split the plate. Decent teriyaki, and I liked the salad and gyoza too. But I got through only half the teriyaki, if that. What was left seemed almost as much as what I started with. Could the teriyaki have been self-replenishing? Well, I took it home, so my $7.08 will have bought the equivalent of two meals, so all’s well that ends well.

Odd fact: The napkin was imprinted with the logo/address from an Upland restaurant, Sho Sushi. I didn’t have a chance to ask why.

My favorite teriyaki place, by the way, is Posh Burgers and Beyond on East Holt Boulevard in Ontario. There the chicken is chargrilled and I like its crispiness. The King’s version is fine, though, and I hope they make a go of it. I’ll give a wave in the direction of King’s and Macho Pollo (see recent review) when my parade car passes by on Saturday. At least now you have some post-parade dining tips. And don’t forget the pho places, or the quite good Chalio Birreria, in an original Denny’s on Holt just west of Indian Hill.

(Incidentally, I won’t be dining anywhere: The parade ends at noon and Sunday’s column, which common sense will tell you has to be about the parade, must be written from scratch and filed by 3 p.m. Yikes! Maybe I can grab a burrito at Juanita’s and eat at my desk.)

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  • Scott


    You made a reference to the Sho Sushi napkins while you visited King’s Teriyaki. I believe I can give you a little background from my visits to Sho Sushi.

    Toyota and Kathy are the owners of King’s Teriyaki. They were the previous owner/operators at Sho Sushi in Upland. They sold Sho Sushi a few months ago and opened the teriyaki joint. Sho Sushi is an all-you-can-eat sushi place on Foothill Blvd, west of Campus. It is a good place with fresh sushi at a “reasonable” price, when comparing sushi restaurant prices. Nothing too fancy, just go there for the food. It’ll take more than $7.08 to fill you up at Sho Sushi, but well worth it, IMHO.

    Thanks again for the reviews!

    Scott in R.C.

    [You’re welcome, Scott, and thanks for the enlightenment. I assumed the King’s owners owned or used to own Sho Sushi (either that or they walked off with a box of napkins) but have not been there. I’ll check it out sometime. — DA]