Words to live by

I have a new addition to my newsroom cubicle courtesy of the Go! section’s anti-debt columnist. Her headline Thursday: “Readers are full of wonderful ideas.”

Well, sometimes they are. I’ve clipped the headline and pinned it to the gray felt wall near other inspirational decor. Among them: My “What page are you on?” poster; a 1970s comic book ad in which O.J. Simpson hawks Dingo boots; and a teaser from the Onion that reads “Man Has Derogatory Nickname For Every Neighboring Town.”

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  • John Clifford

    I used to have one on my wall that was a Dilbert cartoon which had Dilbert telling Wally, “I admire your ability to get paid for what you do.”

  • Kristin McConnell

    That Daily Onion title is quite interesting. LOL

    Slight correction to your Friday column: Barry Williams played Greg Brady. The poor man has played that character so much that I’m sure he dreamed his name was really Greg. LOL

    [Dang! I wonder if I wrote down the name wrong, or if I transcribed a Prog error? Either way, I should have caught it; I was hooked on that show as a kid. Sigh. — DA]

  • Judi Guizado

    What this?! Writer Man made an error?! Could be time for a sidekick: Proofreader Boy. He could follow behind you carrying a giant eraser, saying “Holy Doublecheck, Writer Man!”

    Just a thought…

    On another note, I hope the weather clears by tomorrow. Maybe they could play that Barbra Streisand classic about not raining on parades as your theme song. But in any case, it should be a memorable day. Enjoy it to the fullest!

    [Thank you! And hey, I’m equal opportunity: Can’t I have Proofreader Girl? — DA]