A parade of comments

Rather than take up column space with this, let me round up some of the reader reaction to my grand marshalship of Pomona’s Christmas Parade:

Christopher Lee: “You were an excellent pick.”

John Curtis: “I am disappointed that you went in costume. I think you should have looked like the guy in the paper, sans the balloon maybe. That is how your public knows you!!! I mean this in a nice way. Be David Allen and be proud of it. Your friend George Putnam certainly wasn’t shy. When you ride in the Claremont parade some day, just use a little sun block, but please be yourself. Your audience loves you I think.” [I was becoming swept up in this, until John’s last two words. — DA]

Tami Schumacher: “You are in the wrong parade. Need to start ‘kissing up’ to someone in Rancho for next year’s Founder’s Day Parade. Parade goes thru Victoria Gardens and you would probably get a good peek in the Victoria’s Secret window while riding in a convertible. Also, Starbucks is nearby.” [You know how to sell it, Tami. — DA]

Derek Deason: “Well it’s good to know you liked the Pomona Jaycees Christmas parade. I liked your ‘reporter’s oufit’ too.”

Mike Cicchese: “I only wish I could have been there to see you fulfilling your grand marshal duties. I love how you found out how far back the parade really went. Love it even more that they originally billed it the 56th, you found out it was really the 60th, and then when I click on the photo gallery from your blog, the caption says 54th.” [Stay tuned for the 51st parade next year. — DA]

Beth Brooks: “Did you hear about Santa’s plight? Halfway through the parade the fire engine got a call and had to leave Santa on the curb! The kids in the area loved it! According to Santa, the police rescued him.”

Joanne Dallas: “Anyone willing to pay $45 for a fedora in this day of baseball caps deserves the title of Grand Marshal. Good for you to get right into the role of tough reporter. We certainly need more investigative journalism today….and more men in real hats.”

Mayor Norma Torres: “Enough about him!”

‘Nuff said. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Add yours below, if you like.

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  • Ann Thomas

    I have been meaning to write for a long time and just haven’t taken the time. I know you are in love with Pomona, but, come on, share the wealth with other cities. It’s bad enough that the comics now are REALLY bad … all the good classics are gone … and the weather page totally ignores the foothill communities of San Dimas, La Verne, Claremont, Upland and Rancho Cucmamonga (a LOT of your readership) but you have left us out also.
    Still … I read you…

    [Ann, thank you for sticking with me, and I hear you. I’ve been thinking the same thing myself. A confluence of events, not least of which was leading a parade, threw things out of whack a bit. Look for a renewed focus on the San Bernardino County side of things in my print column starting Friday (although, um, probably not for this Sunday), as well as some Claremont stuff. I think the blog has been a bit more balanced, but it’s hard for me to judge. — DA]

  • Judi

    Enough of David Allen? Never! BTW, I didn’t see Norma Torres being chosen as the Grand Marshal of any parade, did you? So I think it’s just insane jealousy talking. Maybe she’s been practicing her princess wave in front of a mirror for years, and you were just the latest to rob her of her dream to ride atop a convertible as she slowly passes adoring fans.

    I think you should take her rude outburst as a compliment. It’s not your fault that the parade passed her by.