Dreaming of a light Christmas

Touring neighborhoods to see Christmas lights isn’t my idea of entertainment, although I know a lot of people like that sort of thing. I’m not a Christmas-lights kind of guy, whether my own or anybody else’s. I don’t even put up a tree.

But an opportunity presented itself to see Thoroughbred Lane in Rancho Cucamonga the other night, courtesy of a Christmas party a couple of blocks from the street, and it was high time I checked out perhaps the valley’s most decorated street.

A bunch of us walked Thoroughbred on foot, which I highly recommend, for pollution as well as exercise and aesthetic reasons. You’re smart starting at the west, by the way, as traffic from the east, on Sapphire, is ridiculous.

So how were the lights?

Well, once past the letdown that only years of hype can engender, I had to admit the street’s decorations were pretty impressive. A tropical-themed front yard, which included a sign reading “Happy Hula Days,” was my favorite. Plenty of people went to a lot of effort and, fossil-fuel consumption aside, the effect is quite nice.

Although I was also impressed by the rare houses that did nothing, or nothing beyond a banner by the front door or a bow on a tree. In that neighborhood, that takes nerve.

Around the same time, Phil Godwin of Chino Hills e-mailed with another tip:

“If you want to see the coolest decorated house, go to Chino. South of Philadelphia on Monte Vista, the third house from the corner on the east side of the street. Park where you can see the whole front of the house. Tune your radio to 90.3 FM. The house must have 6 bazillion lights; they all blink in time to the music on the radio. There are three or four songs, all different. The owner went to a lot of trouble for this one. Really a neat visual.”

I’ll try to check it out, and you lights-fanciers can too.

Comment with any other must-see stops below.

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  • Jezell

    Do you have any location of other christmas lights in the area of covina. Also do the paper provide a list of these locations for folks who want to see them.

    [Check the San Gabriel Valley Tribune; Covina’s in their coverage area. — DA]

  • Tim T

    Hello David and anyone else reading:

    I’m not sure if you have had a chance to see the display referenced by Phil Godwin, and also referenced at the link below. Either way, I think that display is really well worth a trip out to see! 🙂 I counted 6 different songs when I went to see it.


    Merry Christmas!

  • Minerva

    I saw this house and it was amazing!!!! I just wanted to know if anyone knew the name of the song that sounds like rock and went really fast….I really liked that one. =]