Happy birthday, Pomona!

My favorite city turns 120 today. Funny, it doesn’t look a day over…well, never mind.

Yes, it was on this date, Jan. 6, 1888, that Pomona was incorporated as a city, six days after voters went to the polls — on New Year’s Eve, no less — to approve cityhood.

OK, 120 isn’t typically a big milestone. But Mayor Norma wants to pump things up, and since she probably won’t be here in five years, we’re doing it now.

Just to play my part, I have my own pro-Pomona celebration planned; check this space next week for the kickoff.

By the way, here’s a funny little historical fact. The Jan. 6, 1938 Progress-Bulletin reported that Pomona officials could not determine the date of incorporation. The city seal said only “Jan. 1888.” Officials were planning a 50th anniversary celebration but didn’t know when in January to have it.

Mayor Charles Short had sent a letter by airmail that very day to Sacramento asking for documentation because “all available records in Pomona, city files and old newspapers, failed to reveal a specific date.” I don’t know why they didn’t just Google it.

The Jan. 11 Prog, which also reported the planned restoration of the Palomares Adobe, followed up with the correct date after “photostatic copies of the papers of incorporation” were dispatched to City Hall by the state. “Municipality Half-Century Old Jan. 6th,” the day’s top headline announced.

Since the 50th anniversary had passed — in fact, it had occurred on the date of Short’s letter — the plans to par-tay were dropped.

“We are glad, however, to have this record for our municipal files,” the mayor said.

Sounds like the “community disorganization” cited in Pomona’s Youth and Family Master Plan isn’t a new phenomenon.

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  • Lois R.

    I knew we were your favorite city! It’s just so nice to see it in print.

  • Jaime

    Happy Birthday Pomona!

  • Here’s to 120 years of practice, and to 2008 being our year!

  • richard e nunez

    Wow, that means the dog on the seal has to be an old dog. I wonder what that would be in dog years.

    Happy birthday, Pomona.

  • Curious in Claremont

    In their defense, at 50 years old, I think we may all want to forget the exact date of our birth.

    But didn’t you already point out an error in the dating of the city’s Holiday Parade? Are we seeing a common theme?

    [Those who cannot remember history are doomed to need help with their research. — DA]