Restaurant of the Week: Terry’s Burgers


Terry’s Burgers, 6709 Carnelian Ave. (at 19th), Rancho Cucamonga

Terry’s is the restaurant I was trying to find last week when I headed east on Base Line from Carnelian. Terry’s is actually along 19th Street just around the corner from Carnelian, in the shopping center with the new Korean supermarket, Market World. I had lunch there Thursday.

Inside, Terry’s looks like a sitdown restaurant (perhaps it once was?) with comfortable booths and hanging lamps. You order at the counter, they give you a number and bring the food out.

There’s an extensive menu, much like Legends and Jim’s, two other local burger-and-more joints. Besides the standard fare, they have hot sandwiches, salads and Mexican food. Dinner specials include roast beef, chicken fried steak, pork chops (all $6.96) and N.Y. steak ($7.50). Ambitious.

Going for the namesake item, I got the burger special ($5.55 with tax), a burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and Thousand Island dressing. It arrived in a basket atop a mound of fries. In my considered judgment, it was an above-average burger, at one of the valley’s classier burger restaurants.

I’m glad I kept looking for Terry’s.

* Update, January 2014: I returned to take photos. Terry’s seems much the same, and my burger combo was now $5.97 with tax, only a modest increase. There’s nothing special about the burgers, really, but they’re fine for fast food. I like the chalkboard menu. There’s a separate one for breakfast items. Looks like they’ve dropped NY steak and pork chops.



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  • JMac

    David, I believe it was a Pizza Hut in a former life.

  • meg

    I’m glad to hear about Market World — that’s gotta be closer than Covina for getting my kochujang.

  • Steven R.

    I find their pastrami to be one-of-the-best! I’ve tried other “Best” Pastrami locations, but none can rival Terry’s (except for Tops, Jr. in Alhambra, but that’s a bit of a drive)…and the Gyros are also terrific.

  • Will Plunkett

    The owner (yes, there’s a real Terry) has been a great supporter of youth sports and local advertising. Their fish dinner special is the best!