Get gas, get your kicks

Out at Victoria Gardens on my lunch hour Monday, I thought I’d buy gas before the rain started.

I pulled up at the Chevron station near Richie’s Diner, Del Taco and The Hat. Above each pump was a pleasant surprise: a reproduction of a vintage (1950s?) illustrated map of Route 66.

Various cities are pinpointed, with Cucamonga obviously inserted. Route 66 attractions depicted at the bottom of the map include “Joshua Tree,” “Hoover Dam,” “Grand Canyon,” “Indian War Dance” (!), “Will Rogers Monument” and “Mississippi River.”

The maps are a charming touch, and next time I’m in the area and need gas, that’s where I’m going.

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  • Teri Siaz

    No “Flesh Club”?

    [Only vintage landmarks, sorry! — DA]

  • Kristin McConnell

    Very cool! I’ll have to get gas there, too, just to see those maps! 🙂


  • Sharyn Hay

    When in Victoria Gardens at lunch time and you need gas there are lots of restaurants to choose among instead of a gas station!


    David….I would have to agree with Sharyn…I have gotten gas quite often at Lucille’s in Victoria Gardens!

  • Robert Karatsu

    If this gas station really wants to get nostalgic, they should sell gas at 39 cents a gallon…