Restaurant of the Week: Crepes de Paris, RC

52259-crepes 001.jpg
52260-crepes 002.jpg
52261-crepes 003.jpg

Crepes de Paris, 7876 Monet Ave. (at South Mainstreet), Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga

This was a pleasant surprise. They sell crepes both savory (entree-style) and sweet (dessert), plus salads, hot and cold sandwiches, French onion soup and coffees. I ordered a chicken-spinach crepe ($9.95) and, while it appears I ended up with a chicken-mushroom crepe, it was large and tasty and, the place being crazy-busy and the staff shorthanded, I had no complaints. There are cheerful French cartoon drawings on the wall. A better-than-average dining option, especially if you’re tired of the same old same-old.

* Update: Evidently my tastes haven’t changed much in three years: Turns out I ordered the exact same thing when I went back in 2011 for photos and lunch. Same price for the chicken-spinach crepe, too. And this time it had spinach.

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  • kevin salveson

    I have to say, those crepes are awesome! Some of the most savory dishes I’ve ever eaten in my life!