Restaurant of the Week: Central Burgers


Central Burgers, 10340 Central Ave. (at Bandera), Montclair.

I went here before a Montclair council meeting. This location was Andy’s Burgers No. 2 until fairly recently. This is one of those burger places (like Jim’s in Upland and Terry’s in Rancho Cucamonga) that has a surprisingly broad menu.

For breakfast, eight omelets, eggs, bacon, hotcakes; 13 types of burgers, plus a patty melt and chili size; burritos, tacos, quesadillas, taquitos and tostadas; tuna, fish, steak, chicken and gyro sandwiches; five salads; steak dinners ($6.55!); and even a cup of chili ($3.25) and a cup of rice ($1.75).

I had a burger combo ($4.37 with tax) and enjoyed it while watching “King of Queens” on the dining room TV.

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