Alternative Super Bowl

A mid-week exchange at Trader Joe’s in Upland:

Male clerk, making banter: You gonna watch the Super Bowl?

Me: No.

Clerk: Why not? Everybody watches the Super Bowl.

Me: That’s why I don’t watch it.

This was, I think, Super Bowl 42, if my Roman numeral skills haven’t left me, and at this point I have a streak going, not having seen any of them. Not to be a snob about it; I understand the value and comfort and fun of American communal experiences, and I wouldn’t say the Academy Awards, which I sometimes tune in for, are any less ridiculous.

That said, I resist the Super Bowl hype and generally enjoy an afternoon in which the streets and shops are semi-depopulated. Because of the weather, a trip to Pasadena or somesuch was less appealing this year. I considered eating lunch at Ontario’s Super Bowl Thai just for the joke of it; for that matter, I could have ordered joke, which is the name of a porridge, but as ironies go, that’s awfully reductive.

Instead, I had a late lunch out in Pomona in a mostly empty restaurant and bought groceries in Claremont with only one person ahead of me in line. Noticed that 21 Choices frozen yogurt, which usually has a line out the door, appeared empty, but I wasn’t in the mood for something cold. Went to a coffeehouse and read a novel in relative peace.

If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl, what did you do Sunday?

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  • Elaine Box

    We watched Puppy Bowl IV on Animal Planet! It was great! Our two shelties also enjoyed the show.

  • Vlad

    In home country we take goat and cut head off. I dont know what happen to head. Maybe somebody make stew. But the body become like big 16 kilo footsball. We ride headless-goat footsball around on horse and other guy ride horses and we try steal headless goat football from each other. Sometime riders fall off and get trampled. Big fun. If Supers Bowl this much fun maybe I watch.

  • Miss T

    With the boyfriend gone at a superbowl party, I was able to clean the house with no interruptions or distractions.

  • Charles Bentley


    I am an avid Super Bowl watcher. However, let me offer this tip to anyone in search of something different to do during the big game.

    In past conversations with film location scouts, Super Sunday is when many projects seek to film in Los Angeles. It’s typically a very light day in terms of traffic (pedestrian and vehicle) and often offers good weather for the shoot. Besides, they haven’t played a Super Bowl in the L.A. Metropolitan area since XXVII (and none in the Coliseum since VII).

    A good example can be seen in the 2001 action film “Swordfish,” which featured a helicopter carrying a bus through/over/around downtown L.A. I’ve been told much of that shoot took place on Super Sunday. I also know several car commercials that have used SB game days to get their “Metro L.A.” images.

    So if you’re into seeing behind the scenes of a major motion picture (depending of course on whether the writers strike is over) or the filming of a commercial, think about spending next Super Sunday driving around downtown L.A.

  • Gene Harvey

    It is really cool to see comments from others (especially YOU, David) who don’t spend Super Bowl Sunday watching the Super Bowl. My wife Judy and I are part of the don’t-watch crowd (it’s not a crowd) and always look forward to that day knowing that traffic will be light, and restaurants and stores will be not-so-busy.

    The down side for us is that we ourselves own businesses that are open on that day (movie theatres) and know that our managers will phone and say that business is slower than most Sundays. The interesting flip side is that, over the years, I’ve noticed that the Monday immediately following will usually be above average for movies.

    Your question was: What did we do? Well, our activity was similar to the blogs ahead of me. We watched some extremely fascinating animal shows on TV and were joined by one of our cats who just loves to watch TV, especially things with animals. We also engaged in some long-overdue organizing of boxes full of old “stuff” knowing there would be virtually no interruptions of the phone or front door.

    We had a mid-afternoon meal at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Merendero (the one in La Verne on Fairplex), and were amused by the fact that, even though there were a fair number of people in the restaurant, the TV was on showing the Super Bowl WITH THE SOUND TURNED OFF!

  • Mark

    You sure do a lot of grocery shopping as you were also at Fresh & Easy Friday night.
    We spotted the local celebrity using the self checkout!

    [And doing a poor job of it too. — DA]

  • K

    Environmentally friendly[*] electric indoor karting at K1 Speed, out in Ontario. The place wasn’t as deserted as you’d expect, although we did get a Super Bowl discount.

    I enjoy karting, although I’m hardly a connoisseur — it seemed like these karts were wider, and maybe a bit slower, than the usual indoor karts. Eh, it’s all fun. And at least I didn’t get beat too badly by the 12-year-old.

    [*] Yeah, about as environmentally friendly as when I drive 100 miles to hike yet another beautiful peak in the San Gabriels.

    [I’m chastened to say I’d never heard of K1 Speed. Thanks for the contribution to our collective knowledge, K. — DA]