Open all night

Where are the 24-hour restaurants of the Inland Valley? Most seem to be in Pomona.

Leaving aside Coco’s, Denny’s and their corporate cousins, here are the places I know about in Pomona:

* La Fuente, 987 S. Garey Ave. at 10th Street.

* Grandma’s Donuts, East Mission Boulevard just east of Garey (can’t find them online or in phone book).

* The Jelly Donut, 2097 N. Towne Ave. (A sign says it’s “Open 24/24.” Someone tell Jack Bauer!)

* Golden Wok, 1725 N. Garey Ave.

* Taqueria de Anda, 1690 S. Garey at Franklin.

So Pomona has a lot of night owls. What about the rest of the valley?

* Rancho Cucamonga has Corky’s Kitchen and Bakery, 6403 N. Haven Ave. just above the 210. Apparently they do good business in the middle of the night. The fresh-baked pie is awesome.

* Ontario has Fork in the Road, 4265 E. Guasti Road, at the Travel Centers of America West truck stop. The food is surprisingly good. Fork was featured in a segment of the Food Network’s “Road Food” in 2006.

Surely there are more 24-hour joints, especially in Ontario. Anyone want to fill in the blanks, or tell stories about 24-hour dining?

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  • Josh

    I could be wrong, but I believe Alberto’s, at at 2068 N. Garey Ave., is open all night. They have really good carne asada and I’m pretty sure I’ve enjoyed it at very late hours.

  • Don J

    Dave I’m sorry you missed the golden age of Bengie’s, Alphy’s on Mountain, Spires, they are still around, they must still be 24 hrs? Michael J’s aren’t 24 still, however.

  • Dominick

    I’m a regular around IHOP in La Verne at 2 am in the morning. Nothing beats a full stack and a pot of coffee at that hour.

    I’ve been looking to broaden my horizons though since I’m sick of the menu.

  • Chris Moran

    Now there is one thing the new Claremont Village annex missed: an all-night diner. Long L-shaped lunch counter, picture windows, on a corner, maybe name it “Phillies.” Play Tom Waits music all night long …

    […only allow patrons who don’t look at each other. Make sure there’s no exit or entrance. OK, maybe I’m carrying the “Nighthawks” thing too far. — DA]

  • Anonymous

    An all-night diner in Claremont that plays Tom Waits all night? That sounds more than ideal, though I doubt they’d be playing anything off Bone Machine, my favorite album of his.

    Anyone know the name of the restaurant Chris is referring to?

    [He was referring to the fictional diner in the “Nighthawks” painting by Edward Hopper, as well as to the Tom Waits album “Nighthawks at the Diner,” as was I. — DA]