Restaurant of the Week: Sho Sushi, Route 66 Subs

Sho Sushi and Route 66 Subs, both at 373 E. Foothill Blvd., Upland

Both restaurants in a yellow strip center at Third Avenue (I think — the street signs are missing) notable for a Green Burrito, Digital Color World and Check ‘n Go.

At lunch Tuesday I entered Sho Sushi and took a seat at the sushi bar. I had most of my usual sushi items: salmon skin cut rolls, spicy tuna cut rolls, salmon sushi and albacore sushi. I’m inexpert at these things but would judge the sushi to be average — not excellent but not bad.

Sho seems to be known for “all you can eat.” I simply ordered my items off the menu and when the bill came, it was “all you can eat,” $19.95. Mentally adding up what I’d ordered, it came to slightly more than that, about $23, so I guess it worked to my advantage, barely.

Sho Sushi, by the way, used to be owned by the people who now own King’s Teriyaki on East Holt in Pomona, where I wrote about getting napkins imprinted with the Sho Sushi logo.

Thursday, figuring I’d polish off the strip center, I had lunch at Route 66 Subs. (I’ve been to a Green Burrito before and that’s good enough for my little restaurant survey.)

The interior has a black-and-white motif with Route 66 and car-related decor. I got the Maserati, which is an Italian Trio sub (ham, mortadella and capicolla, I believe), 8-inch size, plus macaroni salad and a Coke, for $9.42. The sub was fine and filling, the salad pleasingly peppery.

They gave me a sub card — a free sub on your eighth visit — and you can sign up for e-mail coupons that will also net you a free meal on your birthday.

I’m not a sub guy, and when I am I go to Grinder Haven, but this was a nice little place. On my way out, after almost an hour of eating and reading, the guy behind the counter, who had taken my name with my order, called out, “‘Bye, David.” So he gets points for trying, and maybe I will go back sometime.

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  • Chris Moran

    I was not impressed with Sho Sushi, but I have yet to find good fresh, still-wiggling-on-your-plate sushi anywhere in the I.E.

    [Decent sushi bars of the Inland Valley could be a thread all by itself. Nothing I’ve had out here compares to my lone sushi experience in Little Tokyo. Odd as this may sound, Ontario’s Benihana has an under-appreciated sushi bar. — DA]

  • Jim Lee

    With so many sushi bars popping up lately, it seems rare anymore to find two people who can agree on a favorite.

  • T Davis

    You should review the sandwiches at Claro’s deli on 16th & Mountain in Upland.
    It is not a restaurant but they have the best Grinders I’ve had. I drive from Beaumont twice a month to get ’em!

    [I’ll try it. And sub fans should try Grinder Haven in Ontario and Guido’s in Rancho Cucamonga. — DA]

  • wiliam widner

    can’t you find anythng by
    sushi bars??????? how about some real american food

    [“???????” sums up my reaction. — DA]

  • Brenda

    I appreciate Benihana’s with you! Ode to the salmon skin sushi….