A bent for bento boxes

An anonymous (why? why?) reader sent the following e-mail to yours truly and three colleagues on a food topic perhaps best showcased here:

“I would like to make a suggestion for a food article. I presented this idea to a staff writer about 4-5 years ago and they just filed it away. [Of all the nerve. — DA]

“I am an avid fan of Bento Boxes. Definition of what these are follows:


“My main interest, however, is where these are available in the Inland Empire — more so around the surrounding Ontario airport areas. I know of a few that I patronize regularly. It’s a lot of good healthy food for an average price of $6. Most Japanese establishments have this available. Some in the fine dining category may not.

“The ones that I am aware of in my general area (around Ontario Mills where my office is at) are:

“Robin Dono Sushi, 4th & Milliken, Ontario, CA (fine dining)

“Happy Bento, Arrow & Haven, Rancho Cucamonga, CA (more reasonably priced, fast food)

“Kazama Sushi on Foothill in Upland had a bento box but they down-graded the contents and it was not the same.

“If there are more I think Daily Bulletin readers would enjoy this and take advantage of these Bento Boxes for their lunches. Japanese food is not only about sushi but Bento Boxes too.

“Also having lived in Orange County, I patronized places that offered these bento boxes daily. There are more of these venues in O.C. so it’s a common find.

“I hope this can be considered as an article. If you know of the staff writer that can perhaps do this for the Daily Bulletin, please forward this email. I’m sure they would enjoy these bento box lunches as I do.

“Thank you.”

I’ll leave it to the features staff whether to write an article about bento boxes, but at least your plea has been heard here at the blog. Anyone want to add to the list of bento box purveyors?

Oh, and let me add that Kazama Sushi is now in Claremont’s Village Expansion, where it opened last week. Another sushi restaurant has taken its place at Grove and Foothill.

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