First thing that happened to me at Tuesday’s Chino Hills council meeting — after going through the metal detector, that is — was being greeted by spokeswoman Denise Cattern, who asked if I knew the city has a webcam on the construction of its new City Hall.

I did not. But you can watch it here. Because we’re all pressed for time, I especially recommend clicking the “time lapse” button at the top, which allows you to see all the construction to date, including coffee breaks, take place in about six seconds.

If Montclair is more your bag, you can view that city’s webcam, trained on construction of its eye-popping new police HQ, here.

Both are about as exciting as watching paint dry, because that’s pretty much what you’re watching, but there they are.

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  • Jerry

    LACMA has a great webcam that shows the construction of the new Broad Gallery (which is pretty much completed now). It pans and zooms and gives a nice view of Wishire Blvd. and the hills here.

  • Teri Siaz

    RE Montclair police HQ architecture:

    Can you say, “Post-modern Soviet Gulag style”?

    [“I knew you could.” — DA]

  • judi

    I clicked on the Montclair site out of curiosity (and a very bad case of procrastination.) However, it’s not like watching ordinary paint dry. It’s like watching paint dry in a painfully slow flip book, as the images are still shots, updated every 20 seconds. I lasted 40 seconds before I had to click it off.

    Suddenly, preparing my taxes seems like sheer joy. Thanks for the perspective, David!

    [I live to serve. — DA]