Claremont parking

Reader Shirley Wofford of Montclair posted this note recently on an entry from December. I’ll share it here so that people will see it:

“I have been going to Claremont every Wednesday, because the Laemmle Theaters gives seniors the best deal going.

“I am puzzled by the City of Claremont’s attitude regarding parking when it comes to having out-of-towners visit for shopping and whatever.

“I have an aversion to parking garages and traffic-cluttered areas as it is. I have been parking on First Street and walking to the theater.

“Yesterday I noticed a meter maid marking tires, and when I looked up I saw that I was only allowed to park there for two hours.

“I got back in my car and started driving and could not find a parking place anywhere near the theater where I would have time to attend the show. There is a row of parking spaces off Indian Hill right next to the theater, but with a two-hour minimum. I was attending a short film, but two hours is still not enough time if you get there a little early for a good rear auditorium seat.

“I took a chance, and I was nervous through the whole showing. I clocked myself at two hours and 15 minutes — luckily I did not get a ticket. I mentioned the situation to other theatergoers, and they informed me that I could park in the parking garage for three hours. That is still not enough time if you are going to see ‘There Will be Blood.’

“It all seems counter-progressive to me — ‘Please come and spend money, but don’t overstay.’

“Fortunately for me, I am still healthy enough to make the trek from the Metrolink Station.”

I can see the problem here: Since Claremont doesn’t charge for parking, a visitor can’t pay for the privilege of parking for an extended period, and with signs limiting the garage to three hours, there’s likewise no obvious place to park for an extended period. Even lunch and a movie is longer than three hours.

That said, Shirley is going to have to get over her garage-phobia. Actually, the roof of the parking garage is for all-day parking, so you ought to try that next time, Shirley. Added bonus: It’s usually less crowded up there. Also, I believe by evening, or late afternoon, it’s possible to park anywhere in the garage for an extended period; a sign is posted to that effect at the entrance.

Incidentally, I met Shirley at the Metrolink Station one day a couple of years ago while heading to L.A. on the first late-night Saturday train. She’s a big Metrolink fan. Few people would think to get from, say, Montclair to Claremont by train, but I imagine it’s a pleasant little trip.

* Shirley also posted a related comment, on trying to park in the Metrolink parking lot, on another entry, which you can read here.

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  • Jim Lee

    Well, I saw ‘There Will Be Blood’ and at nearly three hours found it to be unneccessarily and painfully long. Why not standardize all theater parking to less than three hours?

    If movie patrons left theaters early to retrieve their cars, perhaps filmmakers would take notice and become more merciful and shorten their films. I mean, let’s consider the greater good here — film patrons in general or Shirley and her aversion to parking garages.

    Or perhaps we can lobby the filmmakers to eliminate all those crime scenes that take place in parking garages and replace them with victims getting whacked in 20-minute parking spaces. I’m just saying.

    [Leaving “Blood” right after, say, the baptism scene might well have improved the experience. Yours is the sort of out-of-the-box thinking this blog needs more of! — DA]

  • Shirley Wofford

    Hi David, I agree with the reader’s comments about “There Will be Blood,” but DDL did give a powerful performance.

    Yes, I am a Metrolink fan, but I don’t take the train from Montclair just to get to Claremont. I always embark from the Claremont station when I go to LA.

  • Teri Siaz

    Yes, now in addition to Claremont PD’s little Magnum Force motorcycle posse who set up speed traps and ticket people who honk for anti-war protesters … we now have our own Parking Nurse Ratched who stalks Claremont Village visitors and scares away paying business.

    Good work Chief C. and Capt. J! Keeping our mean streets in Deepest, Darkest Claremont safe from people who would spend their dirty, evil money there!

  • Vlad

    In old country we take cart that park too long in street and set cart on fire. Maybe police in Claremont adopt like this something. Or just roll over car and beat out head light with truncheon. Make car look like big dead cockroach. Then break out in big cheer: “Yommukoff!”

  • Boris

    That’s why I never leave a car unattended in treacherous occupied Old Country. When my Yugo breaks down there, I quickly push it until I’m north of the 10 freeway. Claremont’s Magnum Force better than pillaging hordes of old country.

  • http://fergie Kathy Ferguson

    How come the violent, weird, and yes, overly long movies are the ones that win the Oscars? I liked Juno. It was intelligent, funny, and feel good. And, won the Oscar for best screenplay so it must have been considered well written.