Our compliments to the cafeteria chef

Courtesy of a link from the Claremont Insider blog, here’s a charming blog post by a visitor from Occidental College about the amazing food selections at the Claremont Colleges.

Love the bullet point list.

I’ve eaten at a couple of the Claremont Colleges cafeterias and likewise found the food tasty and plentiful, its range and depth impressive and kind of hilarious. I missed Sushi Day, though.

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  • Linda

    David the Claremont Colleges refer to their “cafeterias” as “dining halls.” They are very touchy about politically correct words so I thought I would give you a head’s up. I have been told many times the food at Scripps is the best of all the dining halls so the visitor may have missed out on even better fare.

    [Scripps, the holy grail of cafeteria, I mean, dining hall food. — DA]

  • DH

    I am employed at The Colleges and the consensus is…Scripps College is the best, although the new Hoch-Shanahan dining hall at Harvey Mudd is getting rave reviews too.

    [The Mudders are raising the bar for everyone, eh? Good for them. — DA]