Mickey in Pomona

No, not Mickey Gallivan of the Pomona Historical Society — Mickey Mouse.

John Clifford of Pomona found the cartoon “Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip” on YouTube. The 1940 cartoon begins with Mickey and Pluto attempting to board a train in Burbank (“Elevation 16 3/4 Feet,” says the sign on the depot). At the end of the cartoon, the conductor throws them off the moving train.

“Gosh, Pluto, I wonder how far it is to Pomona?” Mickey asks, dazedly. Then he looks up and sees the sign on the depot: “Pomona, Elevation 6 3/4 Feet.” He squeaks: “Pomona! Hey, we’re here!”

Or as the German Dutch subtitles in this version render the conversation: “Jeetje, hoe verzou ‘t zijn naar Pomon…Pomona. We zijn er.”

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  • John Clifford

    AND, this cartoon was made (1941) at a time when Walt Disney himself was still doing the voice of the mouse (as can be confirmed on IMDB.com). Don’t remember Walt, as the mouse, saying anything about Anaheim. Maybe he WAS originally looking at Pomona for Disneyland as the urban legend states. 🙂

  • The German subtitles are actually Dutch (just in the interest of accuracy). Someone might put this on a test. 🙂

    [John said German and I went with that. Thanks for the correction. — DA]

  • John Clifford

    That’ll teach you to double-check your sources. Sorry, I didn’t even single-check mine.

    [Oh well. German, Dutch, it’s all the same to a small-town boy from Illinois like me. Or at least that’s my excuse. — DA]

  • Bruce Emerton

    I wanted to get a web version of the clip / cartoon Mickey in Pomona, or rather Mr. Mouse takes a Trip. Wanted to show it to incoming freshmen in library instruction classes?

    I searched YouTube.

    Bruce Emerton

    [I see the cartoon has been taken off YouTube; not surprising, since its posting was a copyright violation. — DA]