Hal Linker reminisces, part 5

Let’s read what Hal has to say about bars in the fifth excerpt from his e-mail, which the Guinness people may want to measure for a world record:

Narod’s in Chino (on Central between Washington and Walnut) had some nightlife and reasonable food, and they had very attractive waitresses, two of whom I dated, circa the cocaine era. I just didn’t dig the overall redneck nature of the clientele. The building survives and is occupied by Godfather’s.

The Little Club on Central in Montclair pretty much fit the same description. It became a Latino bar for a long time. Might be a sports bar now. I’d hate to own a bar now with the current climate towards drinking. Everybody’s pretty much legally drunk just because they walked into the place.

(I used to milk cows and finished work about 3:30 a.m. I can’t tell you how many times I was pulled over while driving home, not because I was drunk, but because I was out on the street at that hour. It really sucks to be perfectly sober and get pulled over, get forced to do a sobriety test, have a warrant check run on you, just because you are driving around at a weird hour.)

For more interesting nightlife there was The Broadside on West Mission in Pomona. The Mothers played there before fame; later it was Walter Mitty’s, and Van Halen played there before being famous.*

But let’s face it, if you really wanted quality entertainment you had to head for Hollywood: The Whisky, Troubadour, The Roxy (after 1973), Gazzari’s/Billboard Live/now the Key Club, Classic Cat — all of which except the Classic Cat (best strip joint of the late 1960s/early 1970s) still stand, although only shadows of their former glory.

Who mentioned The Green Door? Central in Montclair. Some name acts played there in the 1980s. Located near the old Holiday Skating Rink and the wonderful Holiday Liquor which supplied kegs for so many of my parties, in the days when everyone cut everyone some slack. Anybody remember the
huge parties which were thrown on Arrow near Central with live bands and scores of kegs? And that rundown motel on the property too.

I have a story that ties all of these locations together, but it’s best not told here.

Fair enough. On Monday: burgers, fried chicken and tacos.

* While the Mothers did come into being at The Broadside, the bar’s location was on Holt east of Towne. And Van Halen played at Harvey Wallbanger’s on West Mission, musician John Harrelson informs me. He muses: “I think it’s interesting that he didn’t mention Saints and Sinners on East Mission near the airport. And why not the Test? The Posh? The Sahara?”

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  • Steve

    I’m pretty sure the Broadside was on Holt just east of San Antonio Ave. in Pomona. The rock band I was in played there for a time. I also remember the “Posh” up on N. Towne. Mission Blvd had at least one bar on every block. It used to be 5th Ave. way back when.

  • Dave

    My favorite memory of pre-1990s Inland Empire is Pipeline Skatepark in Upland. A true world-renowned skatepark right in our back yard.

    The combi pool is still in my dreams (and a few nightmares!)

    I practically lived at the place in the mid-’80s.

  • ray

    How about the Fandango, The Connection, McConahay’s ?? I’m having a SENIOR moment… More to come !!

    [The Fandango became the Green Door, but I haven’t heard of The Connection or McConahay’s. — DA]

  • Hal Linker

    Van Halen did indeed play at Walter Mitty’s on West Mission. 3-24-76, 3-25-76 and April 7 thru 10 of 1976.

    check out this website:


    Remember, everything you know … is wrong….

    Hal and Hadla Linker

    p.s. Please play both sides of the Firesign Theater’s album, er, … the whole CD, … all will be revealed

  • Manuel Jimenez

    One of the lesser known gems of the Pomona Valley was a small bar located in Chino back in the late ’70s called The Younger Brothers. It was located at the southwest corner of Ramona and Philadelphia back in the corner of a small strip mall. Hard to find if you didn’t already know about it.

    It was just a normal little bar most of the week, but one night a week it featured some top-notch nostalgia acts. I remember stopping in to see Mary Wells singing “My Guy” one night, and Ben E. King sing “Stand By Me” another night. Many other great entertainers also appeared there.

    The bar was small and had the neighborhood bar atmosphere. Its small, tightly knit clientele would spread the word of who might be showing up that evening. No other real publicity since the bar was small and didn’t hold a lot of people.

    Everyone was friendly, no fighting or trouble. The entertainers would always stop and chat with everyone there before they left. It was a well-kept secret, but really enjoyed by everyone who knew about it.

    [I’d never heard of this place. Thanks for the insights, Manuel. — DA]

  • “Hal Linker”

    Hi Manuel,

    Yeah, I remember Younger Brothers. But I thought it was on the southwest corner of Central and Francis. Wasn’t it in the corner of an L-shaped strip mall behind the self-serve Van Andel car wash and the EZ-Out? It came into existence sometime in the 1970s. I went there quite a few times, since I was a local. The strip mall also had Jake’s Liquor (which had relocated from NE corner Pipeline and Philadelphia [the old location Jake’s Liquor became The Buckboard Liquor]) and some sort of cosmetology school.

    Chino also had Studebaker’s (circa 1980s/1990s) for quite a few years which was in a Vons — later Pic ‘N’ Save / Big Lots — shopping center on the SW corner of Central / Walnut. When that shopping center opened in the early 1970s the two big anchor stores were Vons and the short lived Value Fair. One of the not too many remaining Straw Hat Pizza’s still stands in that center – pizzas are half-price on Wednesdays but the player piano music and silent films have long been gone.

    Another wildly popular club I don’t think anyone mentioned so far was Club 66 out on Foothill in Cucamonga somewhere near Hermosa or Turner in that vicinity. Loud bands and loose chicks — always a winning combo.

    Anybody remember The Dungeon which was a pool hall on Garey Ave I think between Mission and Holt somewhere? It had about 12 tables and one had to enter from the rear and take the steps down into it. That place had a cool atmosphere for playing pool. Two old guys ran it and it didn’t look like they were making too much money, but the ambience was conducive to pool — it really had that vibe.

    [I see you’re adding the quotes yourself, “Hal”! — DA]

  • Scott in R.C.

    Since I also grew up in Chino, “Hal” is bringing back tons of memories for me. Sounds like “Hal” got around to many more hole in the wall hot spots than I did.

    Chino was such a small town back in the day that I’m dying to hear Hal’s real name.

  • Larry Dickey

    The Dungeon was located off of the 2nd Street Mall about 50 yards north of Thrifty’s Drug Store. Used to go there with my brother when we were at Garey in the ’60s. They had pool tables as well as a couple snooker tables and billiards as well. Sweet memories.

  • Manuel Jimenez

    You are correct, Hal, it was Central and Francis. I don’t know why I had Ramona and Philadelphia on my mind when I typed it in.

    And I seem to remember that one of the regulars that frequented Jakes liquors was a well known porno star at the time. I think her working name was “Seka”? She must have lived nearby because people said she was in Jakes a lot.

    And yes, Club 66. Only went there a few times. And if I remember correctly, more than a few people spent the last moments of their lives there. Some were run over and killed crossing Foothill after having a few too many, and some died pulling out into traffic. Seems it was a very dangerous location.

    [The Bulletin had a story about Club 66 a couple of weeks back. It’s been known as Twins the past few years. Now its name has changed again to Rock the Keys, but the owners are the same. It’s a dueling piano bar. — DA]

  • Kevin Salveson

    I saw fIRHOSE play at the Green Door in 1992… and roller skated at the Holliday Roller Rink many times to the sounds of Olivia Newton John and the song “Double Dutch Bus” back in 1978.

  • Sunlit Lady

    Funny you mention The Green Door. Back in the day, I was a music journalist/rock writer who contributed to a local magazine called Harmony (among others) and who used to emcee shows there with my dear friend Sabrina Frees-Perrin. We always rocked the house. 🙂