Chino Hills’ Green Mist

What was the Green Mist? Sounds like a Stephen King novel or a John Carpenter movie, but the Green Mist was actually a Chino Hills phenomena.

Here’s what the indefatigable “Hal Linker” has to say:

“In Chino there was also the legendary Green Mist. This was before Chino Hills was called Chino Hills and decades before incorporation. The Green Mist was located out on old Aerojet Road, a narrow winding two-lane affair. It was said that the headlights of the cars traveling on the old 71 Expressway created an effect of a Green Mist against the hills.

“As with all legends, there are variations to the story, some more spooky than others. Needless to say, it was an enticing way for guys to get girls to go to a remote location with them in pursuit of the mysteries of life. It wasn’t coasting uphill, but it was usually edifying.”

Anybody else want to weigh in?

* Update, April 2015: The blog “Badge 415” (“The Human Side of Police Work”) posted a reminiscence about the Green Mist, forwarded to me by reader David Sutherland. The writer talks in part about running into a worker from the former Aerojet years ago who told him the plant used to blow up human cadavers with land mines to see how much damage would be done; ditto with cows.

The writer continues:

“That’s when he said the one thing that solved the mystery of Green Mist for me. During his story he told me how they exploded different gases to do tests. He said, ‘Sometimes there was fog and it would turn green from the gas. It was a green fog.’ That was the Green Mist! The mystery was solved.”

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  • Dave


    I remember Green Mist, yeah it was the road up to AeroJet, something about the road being haunted. That’s so funny, I had totally forgotten about that place. Thanks for bringing it up, those were some good memories.

  • Gordon

    Ya, I remember the “mist” — late ’50s. Never saw it myself but my brother claimed to have seen it several times. It goes along with Green River “creature,” which a lot of my friends claimed to have seen — late at night….. a full moon… in the canyon……

  • richard e nunez

    oh yes the green mist great place to take a date also a great place was the spadra cemetery.

  • JMac

    How about good ol’ Jacob’s grave, just south of the Baldy village?

    [For whatever it’s worth, JMac, your comment is No. 909. — DA]

  • Ms. Lois

    Oh my gosh! I haven’t thought of Jacob in years. We used to go up there when we were in high school and then drive fast over the bumps on 16th Street. Jacob had a last name too. Anyone remember it?

    [A friend mentioned “the bumps” recently to me, and now Ms. Lois is mentioning them too. What the heck were they, and where? Upland? — DA]

  • “Hal Linker”

    Jeez David you read my mind!

    I thought you had somehow forgotten or edited out that portion of my first enormo-mail. So here I sat for the last half hour preparing another one about the Green Mist with more.

    Then I log on right now only to find out you posted it on the blog today. So excuse the first part which is basically a replay of the blog, but I had no idea you were ever gonna post the Green Mist thing. Here goes:

    In Chino there was also the legendary Green Mist. This was before Chino Hills was called Chino Hills and decades before incorporation. The Green Mist was located out on old Aerojet Road, a narrow winding two-lane affair which led up to its namesake’s defense missile contracter. It was said that the headlights of the cars traveling on the old 71 Expressway created an effect of a Green Mist against the hills.

    As with all legends, there are variations to the story, some more spooky than others. Needless to say, it was an enticing way for guys to get girls to go to a remote location with them in pursuit of the mysteries of life. It wasn’t coasting uphill, but it was usually edifying.

    There was also a location out in Alta Loma, I guess you’d call it, where kids used to hang out in the foothills of the mountains. I can’t remember the street we took up there I think it was Archibald, but I could be wrong since I wasn’t driving.

    I was in the back seat of my friend’s red AMX. He was blasting “Death On Two Legs” from Queen’s “Night At the Opera” through his power-boosted quadraphonic system out his Jensen coaxial speakers (all the rage at the time). “Stretch” and I were with two girls from Minnesota that I knew from school in Ann Arbor (Nancy and Penny) who had come to visit me in California during the summer of 1976.

    The music was so thunderous that talking was not an option. But it didn’t matter. Our minds were alive with magic telepathy and the twilight never seemed so exquisite. The scenery blurred past, basking in the sunset’s radiant mantle. Our eyes smiled with their wrinkled edges’ shared wisdom. Every one of us was coming on to the buzz.

    The sun set, and the moon beamed the dead brush to resplendent lavender life, sparkling, even dazzling, our amplified occular synapses. The hospitable mountains before us breathed with vitality as they lovingly embraced us, welcoming and beckoning us further, . higher.

    “Stretch was now playing the “Harvester of Eyes,” “Flaming Telepaths,” “Astronomy” trilogy from the Blue Oyster Cult Secret Treaties album. As we reached our predestination, overdue kisses were exchanged in sweet synesthesia. Our bodies were in possession of a dreamlike, euphoric inner warmth, a visitation from the venerable spirits, the keepers of a secret long forgotten, yet, restored and reborn with ease and familiarity, while ultimately transcendent, ineffable, indescribable. Like the ancient language of universal communication at the Tower of Babel or the tongues of fire at the imparting of the Holy Spirit or the sorcerers way of perceiving energy as it directly flows from the universe, a wondrous unveiling was underway. Kablooey! None of us would ever be the same again!!

    We roamed the foothills, minds exalted, electric eyes. The essence of the incandescent, rising internal consciousness of our bond with our surroundings became overwhelming. It took all our efforts not to succumb to the majestic view of the valley below. Penny and I ambled about on the slopes arm in arm and we never felt such simple delight and satisfaction. We communicated telepathically, with the occasional nonsensical verbal smatterings and laughter to confirm the transference.

    Along the inclined base of the mountain were other astral voyagers behaving as Fellini was directing them, and Dylan was writing the screenplay. Itchycoo Parks brilliant phasing and flanging studio processing played from a distant car stereo and battled it out with a louder Ted Nugents Stranglehold, as two topless girls took turns blowing each other shotguns from a joint of Thai Stick. Snippets of conversations about the I Ching, Thick As a Brick, Nurse Ratched and Randle P., the size of guys members, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, Logans Run and girls wanting to ball Michael York, guys wanting to ball Jenny Agutter* and Farrah Fawcett, disappointment over the Deads Steal Your Face, Paul coming to the Forum, Damian and 666, debates over pinball games and their relation to telepathy and . someone declaring Im soooo f***ed up!

    The pscilocybe Mexicana society would not be complete without the addition of two face-painted nubile females showing their mastery of the clackers! Does anyone remember clackers?^ (said in the same manner as Robert Plant said Does anyone remember laughter? on the live version of Stairway To Heaven).

    *Jenny Agutter and Farrah Fawcett were Michael Yorks sexy co-stars in Logans Run.
    ^ Clackers were two acrylic balls (somewhat larger than golf balls) attached to a string which could be clacked together when manipulated correctly.

    [This may be the first blog comment here with two footnotes! — DA]

  • Desdave

    Vellano Country Club is now upon the grounds of the old Green Mist/Aerojet compound… Private Country Club type golfers now own the hill and road that many of us Inlandia kids grew up drinking on. You can get into Vellano and look around for now, but I understand it will soon be gate guarded.

    I used to go up there at dusk in the spring and catch tarantulas to bring home… there are bunches of them up there.

  • Tad Decker


    “The bumps” (and I am sure you will get other, and better, responses to this topic) were located on Baseline Road/16th Street between Claremont and Upland.

    At the time, this was a long stretch of two lane highway through barren, rocky scrubland. The road basically followed the natural topographic contours of the area, and thus was very hilly. If you traveled the road at a high rate of speed, you could be airborne for a second or two. This was great fun for me as a child with my dad driving, but the bumps were smoothed out by the time I was behind the wheel myself.

    If my memory serves, there were also some lesser “bumps” either on 19th Street between Upland and Alta Loma, or on 16th Street between Upland and Alta Loma.

    [Thanks, Tad. My furrowed brow is now smooth with the serenity of knowing the story of The Bumps. — DA]

  • “Hal Linker”

    Wow! I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been out that way. How long has AeroJet been gone? Another golf course? Weren’t Los Serranos Country Club and Western Hills and El Prado enough for that area?

    Los Serranos Country Club – South Course – Hole 1 green was the scene of some of my earliest liasons with the fairer sex in my younger days. WARNING: the automatic sprinklers would kick on at 1:00AM!!! This was in the days when we used to stuff pillows in our beds and sneak out the windows of our bedrooms (8th and 9th Grade stuff).

    The Los Serranos Country Club had a nice little coffee shop inside, along with a bar. The food was good there in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Great place to get a chili cheese omelette and a couple of Heinekens.

    I also used to caddy there, bringing along my .22 Remington single-shot rifle to plug squirrels, jackrabbits and gophers who were infiltrating the grounds. I’d just jam the rifle in the golf bag of the person for whom I was caddying. Great fun and easy money between the ages of 10 and 13. No one said a thing about the gun on the course. In fact, most golfers gave me the thumbs up, and the occasional beer for wasting the rodents.

    And, yes, I used to wash their balls, long as the money was good.

    [Sex and violence in one post? This is an edgy blog. — DA]

  • richard e nunez

    the bumps were called base line dips,we had this pinto we use try to get air born in, what fun those dips where

  • Ms. Lois


    The bumps were on 16th Street in Upland between Benson and Mills? I’m not sure what the Claremont street was but it was a favorite place to drive fast and fly. It was a very sad day when they leveled the street.

    I believe Jacob’s last name was Skinner but I’m not positive.

    I’m using vacation use ’em or lose them hours as well. Have a great time off!

    [You too, Ms. Lois! — DA]

  • Ronald Scott

    My friends and I actually drove to the gates of Aerojet one fine evening. There was a speaker box outside and all we heard was some guy come on and ask, “Can I help you?” My buddy Kevin asked, “Do you have any nuclear silos up here?” The great voice in the speaker replied, “Even if we did I wouldn’t tell you”…Kevin replies..”You just answered our question you dumb a**.”

    Also about green mist there was a legend of a satanic church or shack up in the hills above it…anybody able to add to that claim?

  • Rich P

    The 19th Street bumps were on the Cucamonga Creek wash, between the flood control channel just west of Sapphire and Campus. They were wiped out by the Colonies project. They were dangerous, because some people would drive slower in case some nut was making a blind pass in the other direction, and the nuts would pass these slower drivers. My daughter loved the bumps at normal (not airborne) speed.

    The Aerojet plant in Chino Hills made artillery ammunition, and perhaps some other stuff as well.

  • Desdave

    Wow… I am beginning to think I am somehow cosmically connected to Mr. Linker. I also used to chill with young things out on the LSCC golfcourse late at night, chasing good buzzes alongside HUGE bullfrogs! As far as the lysergic/fungi escapades in Rancho, I had my share of those as well. Psychedelically, this area was ruined once the streetlights switched into that ’80s metallic orange color… it turns the sky this ugly orange haze that is NOT all that.

    And as for the Grateful Dead’s ‘Steal Your Face’… we are all still wondering how they were able to ruin such a grand double album! Poor song choices, inept sound engineering and NO jams whatsoever. If you are looking for something truly psychedelic, try ‘Live Dead’ or some of the ‘Dicks Picks’ disks.

  • Joel Soltero

    ahh wait so the “green mist” area is gone? I graduated from Ontario High in 06, and we used to go out to that area a lot, and I kinda learned some story of the green mist being the little forest at the end of Peyton Drive, and we’d up go that little access road [called woodview or something like that] and it’d be dark and we’d dare each other to go as deep into the woods as we can.

    i also remember hearing stories that it was haunted by some farmer that killed people in those woods, and something about kids disappearing in the Aerojet compound. Funny how stories change…

  • Brian

    As a veteran cop of the I.E., I remember a car chase back in or around 1987, chasing a stolen IROC Z28. We went W/B down Baseline, over the baseline bumps, at about 100/120 mph. Talk about catching some air in a Ford Crown Victoria…..

  • Pat

    Hey, I remember the bumpy hills on the way to granmda’s house in Claremont. We got them twice. First on 19th street to San Antonio and then on Baseline into Claremont.

    I used to see deer cross over into the flood control / rock quarry all the time. Do you remember when you could hear the howls of the coyotes that would run in their pack through the 210 corridor almost every night about 1-2AM in Alta Loma?

  • “Hal Linker”

    I too have gone all the way to the AeroJet gates on several occasions. Usually we were met by uniformed guards who would ask us to skeedaddle.

    One time we arrived at the gates and they were open (which was a one time only experience for me). We proceeded forward into the grounds. It didn’t take long before we were intercepted and escorted down the hill by security.

    All I know about the place is that occasionally they’d have these missile launches which would sometimes leave very squiggly trails in the sky as if the missile had run amok.

    In connection to the Green Mist legend, my older brother said that, in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, there was the legend of “The Los Serranos Ghost.” This image was supposedly formed on the hillside by the head lights from the Highway 71 projecting through the trees onto the hills. Yet another variation or twist of the Green Mist legend.

    With regard to spending the night with fine young women at Los Serranos Country Club, nothing could be sweeter than some of those memories. I do recall one hot summer evening when a lovely girl and myself decided to take a skinny dip in one of the shallow ponds somewhere between holes 7 and 8 South Course (if I remember right). I forgot about the damned crawdads! It kinda freaked us out. The frogs we could deal with. Those ponds were pretty cool. They had lily pads in them as well.

    Looking back, it seemed we were much more mature than kids that age are today. I knew I was pretty grown up for my age, but there were many others like me. Kids today don’t seem as advanced, but maybe it’s just from my perspective.

    Desdave: Of course “Live Dead” is dynamite! Dark Star>St. Stephen>The Eleven launched millions. “Shall we go, you and I, while we can, through the transitive nightfall of diamonds.” “Steal Your Face” will always be the worst live album they ever did.

    (They tried to make up for it by releasing the mammoth Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack which is 5-CD’s taken from the same Farewell Shows they did in October 1974 at Winterland with “The Wall Of Sound.”)

    (“Two From the Vault” is another outstanding Dead release of a hot live performance at Los Angeles’ Shrine Expostion Hall August 1968. Unbelievable!!! I’m real partial to this one as I was at the shows which were opened by Taj Mahal. They were every bit as good as I remembered them back when I was 14! Smokin’!)

    With regard to Carbon Canyon: There was a cult of sorts located up in the hills at a location called St. Joseph’s Hill Of Hope. It had a lot of hippie type Jesus freaks who were members. They believed that Jesus was gonna return for his Second Coming on this particular hill out in Carbon Canyon. The cult had a big dark green gate at the base of the hill and Carbon Canyon Road to keep unbelievers out. I think they must have faded away. But I dunno, maybe they’re still up there waiting. Anybody know anything more about this cult?

    “How The West Was Won” was on Turner Classic Movies just now. It’s one of those long epic kinda boring blockbusters with an all-star cast that faded away after the 1960’s. I had it on for nostalgia purposes. My parents took the family to Hollywood to see the premiere of this one. It was a big deal because it was filmed in Cinerama (146 degree vision – shot with three separate cameras). They even sold a hard cover program for this movie! At any rate it was a spectacle back in early 1963 when I was just a kid! The scene with the buffalo knocking down the water towers was cool in the huge screened theater back then. Though it sure get’s overly long on TV some 45 years later, along with showing obvious lines from the three separate cameras.

  • Caitlin Buehler

    That was the make out spot in high school……….

  • Skittle

    Green Mists had a cause. Back when there were more dairies out there and the mist was very green it was supposed to be because there were so many cows leaving so many warm moist gifts (before current farming practices made everyone’s life suck) all over the hills in that area, and when the morning mist or a good Chino fog hit the warm gifts, the mist became green. Not forest green or anything, but noticably green.

  • Desdave

    Ahhh… I almost forgot about ‘2 from the Vault’, that is really nice too. Pigpen was THE man! For what it’s worth, ‘Hal’, I have about 1500 hours of live dead on CD, and would love to get you some… perhaps you can email me at: iepokerleague -at- hotmail -dot- com … I would happily give you all that you need.

  • “Hal Linker”

    Let me get this straight. The fumes from the cow-pies of the grazing cattle were causing the mist / fog to turn green? Is this the scientific explanation of the supernatural phenomenon of the Green Mist?

    Great Googly Moogly!!!

    Caitlin: Did you leave the car or not? I mean when you made out at the Green Mist. Just curious. Those hillsides and woods were awesome.

    Once I went up the AeroJet road during a weekend afternoon with special girl to have a foodless picnic. We pulled off in a small dirt turn-out near the end of the road and hiked up a small ravine and laid our blanket under one of those wild oak trees that dotted the hillside. We were both particularly ravenous.

    After we had finished our second helping, and were en route to a third, we discovered that there was a hive of bees in said tree. Or should I say that the bees began to discover us. Apparently our lovemaking had stirred them up a bit and they seemed interested in our pollen.

    We grabbed our blanket and clothes and laughingly high-tailed nude down the ravine to the safety of the car. Sweet little sister was driving daddy’s Coupe De Ville. And daddy was a San Bernardino County Sheriff. There was something about preachers’ girls and cops’ daughters. Judges also had some wildly entertaining female offspring. Anybody?

  • Annie Muss

    I was hoping Skittle would elaborate a bit more about the cow-pie theory.
    I’m kinda intrigued by the concept that there previously were so many cows and steaming cow-pies that a green mist formed… yet life didn’t suck until AFTER modern changes were made.

    [In other words, what does a green mist look like through rose-colored glasses? — DA]

  • “Hal Linker”

    Desdave: I was downloading from the LAMA for years before the Dead outlawed the practice. Got more live shows than I know what to do with already. Thanks though. I dig Derek Trucks’ stuff too which is still downloadable from LAMA.

    Just wonderimg if Al Bore is going to weigh in on the cow-pie / Green Mist impact on the environment. Lord almighty, what next?!?!

    (“Tipper, please stop the naughty rock lyrics, so that I can tag a royalty (paid to my recording industry buddies for every blank recording medium sold) onto your PMRC bill.”)

    It’s all Henny Penny and Alvin Toffler to me. Don’t follow leaders .. watch the parking meters .. especially when they talk down to you like you’re in the second grade.

    Oh no Mr. Wizard!!!

    Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drone. Time for this one to go home.

    Tooter Turtle … out!

    “Beam me up, Scotty” and all that rot.

    Gotta get lost in that green mist again and it ain’t no methane gas. You’d be able to smell that, I think.

    Excuse me, I’m delirious. The cow patties are taking over!!!!!!

    Will you notice it when someone LITERALLY hands you a bunch of B.S.?!?!?!

    Only thing growing out of those cow pies is cubensis.

  • Desdave

    OK Hal, I was hoping you had a better collection than what the GD wants you to hear… I was hoping to get you a recording of 2/26/77 in San Berdoo, which is my all time fav, but I am sure you have that one!!

    Nice ‘meeting’ you though, and I will ‘see’ you around… me likey this blog a lot.

  • “Hal Linker”

    Desdave: Yes, the Swing Auditorium 1977. What a great show! I was there, too! It’s the only time the Dead played the Swing that they were really ON!!! Earliest Terrapin stuff, I believe. 1977 was a splendipherous year (but so were ’68, ’69, ’71, ’72).

    (As far as the LAMA, I believe I have every Dead show from pre-Dead (you gotta love some of the early bluegrass and jug band stuff Jerry was doing) to 1992. More than I’ll ever be able to seriously listen to. Mucho discos gathering dust. Don’t get me wrong though, my musical tastes are diverse, but the roots lay in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s jazz, R&B, and rock. Im on an old Bill Evans kick right now.)

    The Swing in San Bernardino was a favorite place of mine to see rock shows. Too bad that plane crashed into the roof in the early 1980s and it was subsequently torn down. Concerts in Berdoo were never the same again.

    Nearby E Street in Berdino was a great spot for cruising and meeting chicks. Orange Show Road had Sandy’s Diner and an adjacent motel which advertised its “Soundproof Rooms” from a neon sign. Once I lost my car keys after a concert and my girlfriend and I, making lemonade out of lemons, and bathtub gin out of Prohibition, just had to find out if the “Soundproof” claims were true. We drank fish bowls full of Cuervo Gold and a bit of Orange Juice. Seriously, the “fish bowls” were these two large drink glasses we purchased at Bernard’s Liquor in Chino. A quart of Cuervo would make two mega-drinks (one for each of us) in these oversized destroyers!!!

    It was a rambunctious, howling, wantonly wicked amour, blazing and bashing and exploding in beautiful bawdy thunder till Jose’s hammer blacked us out in zonked, spent ecstasy. Before that, we put the wham, bam, boom, roar and clang in BANG!

    I swear our urine was green the next day!!! At least it didn’t hurt when we peed. Musta been the Mezcal.

    So what does any of this have to do with the Green Mist (other than it’s the same color as our urine after a Cuervo motel blowout)? I don’t know, ….. but “Sugar Magnolia,” “Ruby Claire,” “Billy Jean,” “Loose Lucy,” “The Marsh King’s Daughter,” “Ramblin’ Rose,” “Electra,” “Annie Beauneu,” “Delilah Jones,” “Baby Louise,” “Viola Lee,” “West L.A. Girl,” “The Fairy Sybil,” “Sweet Anne Marie,” “Little Schoolgirl,” “Catharine the Great,” “Cerise,” “Spanish Lady,” “Bertha,” “Stella Blue,” “Black Madonna,” “Cassidy,” “Lady Lullaby,” “Sweet Jane,” “Pearly Baker,” “Samson’s Delilah,” “Melinda,” “Sugaree,” “Annie who laid her head down in the roses,” “Lady With a Fan,” “Delia-D,” “Rosemary,” “Lady In Red,” “Althea,” the “Wife In Chino and the One In Cherokee,” dew!

  • Desdave

    Since David Allen had to sit through our run down Memory Lane I will be dropping him off the copy of GD 2/26/77 I burned for Hal at the 4th Street office.

    I am sure he is not a Deadhead, but if he listens to the 3 disks of that Swing ’77 show, he very well may become one… Keep your eyes out David, I will drop it off at the front desk for you!

    [Got it. Very nice of you. And no, I’m not a Deadhead, although I do own American Beauty and Workingman’s Dead. — DA]

  • “Hal Linker”

    Note to David Allen: Some musical recommendations from the “Linker’s.”

    Dave Alvin – Great American Music Galaxy (which for the inclusion of “Out Of Control,’ “Ashgrove,” and “Dry River,” alone should blow your everlovin’ mind!). A live album complete with Chris Gaffney’s opening warm up tune. Only problem is that it shoulda been a double CD. Buy or die!

    Anne McCue – Koala Motel – a very solid album and she’s twice as good live. Friends of mine were in her “live” band when she resided and gigged L.A. a few years back and was part of that loose group of malcontents who composed the Sin City All Stars. An Australian native, she’s one cool customer. Her stories about gigging in Saigon at the Apocalypse Now bar are hilarious. I think she moved back to Australia because of her fading fortunes — sales wise. It’s a pity — she’s a real talent as a singer, songwriter and guitarist of many stripes. Try it, you’ll like it!!

    If you don’t have any Gram Parsons, grab the GP / Grevious Angel CD along with the Flying Burrito Brothers – Gilded Palace of Sin, Byrds expanded Sweetheart Of the Rodeo, and Gram Parsons and The Fallen Angels Live. The Rhino 2-CD comp Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels gathers a lot of his best stuff. Even the bio documentary Fallen Angel DVD is an amazing view! So, you get the picture …. No Gram …. no cred.

    As far as the Grateful Dead, if you don’t fancy yourself a Deadhead and have already obtained the obvious “Workingman’s Dead” and “American Beauty,” try “From the Mars Hotel.” It’s a much less obvious choice and includes some of their most impressive studio work. It’s easily digestible with few lumps in the gravy or mashed potatoes. Eight memorable tunes including two rare Phil Lesh compositions, one of which, “Unbroken Chain,” is one of my favorite studio tracks, ever.

    Drive By Truckers – Live at the 40 Watt DVD. At the height of their powers a few years back before recent line-up changes. Only buy this one if you can turn it up to ear bleeding levels at home. Drunken Americana meets Neil Young’s grungy Crazy Horse crosspollinated with semi-literate punk. Viewing this video hips you to the Southern Thang and the underbelly of The Dirty South. Three guitars, three songwriters, three singers as ragged and as right on as can be! Only drawback, at two hours it’s short of a typical Drive By Truckers headling gig’s duration and misses a couple of key tunes from their catalog. Minor quibbles when watching the REAL DEAL burn on stage, while guzzling Jack Daniels, in front of an appreciative home crowd.

    Essential stuff. Grab ’em or you won’t be saved!

    [I own all the Gram Parsons stuff you mention except the live album. I used to own “Mars Hotel,” which I bought solely for the song “Pride of Cucamonga”! — DA]

  • “Hal Linker”

    Dave: Get the Dave Alvin disc first. It should be available used for cheap. Same with Anne McCue.

    Pride of Cucamonga was the name of a cheap wine produced by one of the local wineries, though I don’t believe the steel guitar heavy song is about it. It’s one of the two Lesh compostions on the record, the other being the amazing “Unbroken Chain.”

    I’d suggest you give Mars Hotel another spin for the presence of Scarlet Begonias, China Doll, Ship Of Fools and U.S. Blues. Even the weakest tracks, Loose Lucy and Money Money, are fun.

    I can still see Mars Hotel’s blue label spinning round on my Dual turntable. If you held the cover in the mirror the cryptic lettering said “Ugly Rumors.” Like so many albums I loved, I have the track order memorized in my photo-head. Side One: U.S. Blues, China Doll, Unbroken Chain, Loose Lucy. Side Two: Scarlet Begonias, Pride Of Cucamonga, Money Money, Ship Of Fools.

    (What would really scare you is that I know the playing times of the tracks too!!! Whoa!!! My capacity for storage of useless information is limitless!!!)

    I remember I bought Mars Hotel at the end of June 1974, shorty after it came out. I bought a bunch of albums at this time from Discount Record Center behind the Montclair Plaza. Among them were Bad Company’s first self-titled album, Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard, Rufus – Rags To Rufus (with “Tell Me Something Good”), Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Stars & Stripes Forever 2-LP (which was a somewhat disappointing follow-up to Will the Circle Be Unbroken), Dylan and the Band’s double live Before the Flood, the Beach Boys 2-LP hit compilation Endless Summer, Sandy Denny’s Like An Old Fashioned Waltz, and the Souther-Hillman-Furay Band’s self titled debut, all of which were pretty recent releases. The long-haired spectacled dude working the register at Discount Record Center said I had good taste in music.

    I was stocking up since I was leaving for a summer job in hellish, summertime Phoenix. I filled the trunk of my car with my album collection in boxes and packed my Martin D-28, Dynaco pre-amp, amp and tuner, JBL speakers, Dual turntable in the back seat area. Had to have my spiritual food!!

    A tip: never work construction in Phoenix in the summer! I’d never do that again in a million years, no matter how much the pay! It was over 115 degrees most days I was there, many times in the 120s. At night it never cooled down to much below 100, and there was no breeze.

    The damned place had flying cockroaches!!!! You could hear them at night in the fields. They sounded like sheep in the distance baaa-ing, but they were filthy freakin’ flying cockroaches with big ugly bloodshot eyes and they would dive-bomb at my head at night when I was working under the lights. I remember having to grab them out of my hair and then tossing them to the ground and crunching the bastards.

    The crap-hole I was staying in had wall air conditioning units that musta lost their freon a decade before I got there. They just blew warm smelly mildew. I didn’t think I was gonna survive till I met a sandy-blonde girl named Heidi who worked at The Record Bar in the local mall. I was buying Neil Young’s On The Beach and I asked her if they had an import album section because I wanted to buy Be-Bop Deluxe’s Axe Victim (which was only out on UK import at that time). She was cute and rather funny in a screwy way. We hit it off. I asked her when her shift was over and, after a Mateus wine purchase at a nearby drive thru liquor store, I took her to eat at a local taco joint which I had recently discovered.

    Heidi said I reminded her of Luke Halpin but with the precociousness of Tommy Norden and the virility of Brian Kelly. I thought her frame of reference was hilarious and kinda goofy before telling her that Flipper was dying to swim in her cove.

    I moved in with her for the remainder of the summer. She had Trane air conditioning! And I had a guitar and a component stereo with 60 watts RMS per channel! We both loved Ray Davies and the Kinks. And the notion of a meteoric unforgettable summer romance. Lotsa candles, loving meals, passion and joyous companionship. Singing and strummimg White Album tunes in the nude atop her queen sized bed between intimacies. Revealing to her who Jackson Browne’s “Redneck Friend” really was as we lay under the falling sky with all that lightning in our pockets and thunder in our shoes. We do live forever. Thanks Heidi for all your sundry sustenance.

  • “Hadla Linker”

    “Hal said: (What would really scare you is that I know the playing times of the tracks too!!! Whoa!!! My capacity for storage of useless information is limitless!!!)

    No kidding! Hal is scary! I call him the rock ‘n’ roll Rain Man, just to bug him. He really digs music, so it’s indelible in his mind.

    But it’s not just rock ‘n’ roll, he knows Presidents & Vice Presidents and the years they served, Astronauts & Space Missions, 1960’s baseball, basketball and football (apparently he lost interest when he discovered women), 1950’s and 1960’s TV (another thing he mostly gave up after discovering women), Greek and Roman Gods, history, movies (particularly 1930’s thru 1970’s) and he picks up songs instantly by ear, somehow visualizing the notes as they would be transcribed on charts.

    I write poetry and I knew “Hal” a long time before we actually began living together. He had so many girlfriends it was kind of overwhelming. I was only 17 and still a virgin, but I didnt want him to know about my age or inexperience. I collaborated on songs with him. We remained stormily attached for many years – both of us in unconsummated frustration.

    The truth was, Hal scared me because of the way I felt when he touched or kissed me. He had this ethereal sensuality about him and his blue-green eyes looked right into my mind and soul. He was no ordinary charmer. To me he was a very exotic older guy and he had a supernatural charisma about him. I distinctly remember writing him a poem called “Puzzle,” which had a line in it about him “waiting for someone to hand him another piece.”

    We were stubborn, I resisted and, as much as I wanted him to, he didnt pursue, because we both knew it would be the fatal blow. It was.

    Inevitable and predestined – Worth the wait! So overdue, yet right on time! We were so pent up about each other we finally trembled and burst! We’re still making up for that lost time! And Love Is The Law!

    Have “Hal” and I been to the Green Mist? Yes, we had a favorite spot at the top of a hill out there where we thanked God repeatedly for his General Revelation. He was pleased with our offerings and blessed us, making his presence felt in paradisaical sunsets and rapturous moonlight.

    Sensual Necromancy Divinity Baptism – Anointment. Flesh / Mind / Soul Synergy. We learned our rites of sex, consecration, spellbinding, magick and enchantment through ravishing insights, some of which were bestowed on us at the Green Mist when we summoned the Spirits.

    Akasha .. Tejas .. Vayu .. Apas . Prithivi .. Akasha .. Tejas .. Vayu .. Apas . Prithivi …..

    [Thus speaks the mysterious “Hadla.” Although (I’m sorry, I can’t resist) we can’t prove that “Hal” didn’t write this paean to his (ahem) “ethereal sensuality” himself… DA]

  • “Hadla Linker”

    I thought the lyrics to the rare second season theme song to Flipper might be appropriate and amusing:

    We call him Flipper, Flipper, you’ll see him smilin’
    Right from the start, he’ll play it smart.
    Beware of Flipper, Flipper, he’s such a lover,
    You will discover when he steals your heart!
    When you’re feelin’ sad, when you’re feelin’ blue,
    He’ll make you glad, yes, that’s what he’ll do,
    And what he can do you’ll never believe,
    For he’s got tricks up his sleeve!
    Beware of Flipper, Flipper, he’s such a lover,
    You will discover when he steals your heart!

  • “Hadla Linker”

    Dave said: [Thus speaks the mysterious “Hadla.” Although (I’m sorry, I can’t resist) we can’t prove that “Hal” didn’t write this paean to his (ahem) “ethereal sensuality” himself… DA]

    I love and worship “Hal.” Dave, please don’t make light of it. He really is a very special person. We approach our delicious sex life with a huge dose of spirituality and sensual ritual. It’s our way.

    That may seem goofy and mysterious to you, but it’s really significant for us.

    Bless you.

    [Just teasing, “Hadla.” No offense was intended. — DA]

  • javier

    well green mist well its creppy and exciting its said that some comes out with a gun and starts shooting at you me and some friends have gone out there living in chino all our lives knowing the rumors not going till we were able to drive creepy wood and smokey mist really starts getting to you and onuce you reach the top of hills there is this place house like we never really seen any body but you hear the gun shots i think some just wants to scare off

  • dw

    Lived in a haunted home in chino hills 15779 pepper st chino hills ca 91709 its currently up for sale it was 1 evil spirit inside that did everything from touch me to slam doors, foot steps in the home, chill spots and even heard a sound before…I been meanin to call the realtor and ask if anything happened in the home..I lived there from 99 to 02 didn’t have any happening until my last year and a half when I started to provoke the spirit it intensified email me for any questions or if u kno if anyone died in the home it was upstairs guest room to the left side of the home also the right window if ur in front of the house upstair window to the right is where the presence was strong..I’m from los angeles and don’t believe in no weird ghost stuff until this I’m black male

    [The spirits scared the punctuation right out of him. — DA]

  • karguy

    I live in Vellano golfing community and have lived in Chino Hills for 10+ years. I have never experienced and been more creeped out since moving into our Vellano home.

    We cannot leave small children alone in any part of our home because they always see a scary man. Recently, my 2-year-old nephew came over and had a panic attack because he saw a scary man standing in the room. Of course no one was there.

    Our home is on top of the hill if this has anything to do with our problem. We hear walking upstairs all the time and chairs have moved in the kitchen. I realize that this sounds like BS but I need input from someone if you can help. Thanks, karguy

    [Who ya gonna call? — DA]

  • Ken York

    Here is a copy of a story I wrote on my experience with the Green Mist. It can be found at

    The Legend of the Green Mist

    When I was a teenager in the 1960s there was a lot of trying to prove how tough you were. Manliness was a big factor in our lives. In high school one way to show our bravado was to take on the green mist.

    At the time I was living in Ontario, California, which is only significant because Chino, California and the Chino State Prison were directly south with Francis Avenue serving as our line in the sand between the communities. The green mist existed in Chino, so to prove our manhood we had to take on both the green mist and possibly any Chinoians who spotted us. We had a little gang war going on at the time, but other than the fact that most of them were Mexicans, Im not sure what it was about.

    The green mist was a green-tinted fog. No, I dont know why it was green, but it was. The story goes that it used to be a popular necking area until one night one of the escaped inmates from the prison killed and gutted the boyfriend leaving him hanging from a tree by his own intestines. The story is a little fuzzy on whether the girlfriend was also killed, but thats alright. Of course, we didnt have anything as authoritative as the Internet back then to look this sort of information up, but we knew it was true.

    To prove your manliness, you had to park your car at night by a certain elementary school and then walk down this deserted road to a bridge over a creek, touch the bridge and then walk back. Although there was no official marker identifying this road as the site of the killing, Darrell Holland told me he had it on good authority that this was the official slaying spot. On one side of the road was a thick stand of trees and the other was an open cow pasture that the green mist would come rolling in over and eventually swallow you.

    If I remember correctly we did that walk about two or three times during our junior and senior years. It was then that I got the great idea that we should share the green mist with others. We got Jim Cook to sucker a couple of other guys into doing the green mist walk. Darrell and I, plus one other guy, prepared the way for them.

    I made a dummy our of old clothes and hay. I even stole one of my mothers pillow cases to make a head. Darrell got an old shoebox and cut out two large devil-cat eyes that he covered with red tissue paper and then put a flashlight in the box so he had red-glowing eyes. Our third member came up with the idea of tying string to the bushes along the side of the road and then shaking the bushes as the people went by.

    The night was scheduled. The three of us drove out in my familys 1957 Sedan Deville Cadillac, one of my all-time favorite cars. Of course I could have carried the entire football team out in that car and had room left over for the cheerleaders, but what the hell, with gasoline priced at 17 cents a gallon, I was a big man. I dropped my fellow conspirators out along the way, first red-eyes followed by the string-man, and finally me with my dummy. I parked the Caddy past the bridge where no one would see it.

    We all agreed that we would let the newbies walk all the way down to the bridge and turn around before we started our activities. No sense scaring them too early in the evening. I decided to hide my dummy on the side of the road with the trees, as close to the road as possible without it being seen. I brought a rope along, tied it to the dummy, buried it in the leaves, ran the rope up over a branch and back to my hiding place behind a large oak tree. And then I sat there.

    The green mist rolled in and swallowed myself and my hiding spot. After what seemed hours, I finally heard Jim coming down the road with his two acolytes, the mist swirling around them. When they reached the bridge they stopped and one of them said, That wasnt scary.

    There were no lights along this road and it was doubtful that they could see more than a couple of feet. One of them must have pocketed a rock earlier in the evening to throw, because I heard it land in the creek bed not too far from my hiding spot. Probably the rock thrower said, Whats that?

    Someone else answered, You threw that. But they all moved close to the creek and myself to see if there were any knife-wielding, intestine-ripping, rock-throwing escaped convicts in the vicinity. As they reached my edge of the pavement I yanked on the rope and the dummy rose up out of the leaves at their feet. Evidently I didnt make the dummy too well because the pillow case head fell off.

    They did not stay around to investigate. There were blood-curdling screams and they ran for all they were worth. The walk along the road was about a mile, but there were world records set that night. As they started to falter, the bushes next to them started to shake, then more bushes shook. Darrell tried to follow them with his glowing cat eyes, but Im not sure the speed of light could catch up with them.

    Fortunately no one burst a blood vessel or had a heart attack that night, but we laughed and laughed. Im not sure why, but we never told those two guys what really happened. We just felt it was more important to keep the Legend of the Green Mist going.

    Copyright 2007 Ken York

    [Ken, thanks for sharing. — DA]

  • Native Pomonan

    Do you know? About the true legend of the Green Mist.

    When I was young….my band was playing at Chino Inst. for Women. After the show, we went to Green Mist to wait for the sun to set, and have a few brewskies. Suddenly, the fog rolled in. After that, the band realized, we were in the middle of an Albino Commune!!!!

    Interesting enough, they love to Party (the Albinos).

    They bounce around the hills in full nudity. It was a sight that I had never seen before in my life.

    In conclusion, the story of Green Mist stuck in my mind for 2-3 years, and when I awoke from this dream, I felt like I was in touch, truly, truly, in touch, with the mist MYTH!!!!

  • Bob

    You guys all crack me up… these stories are so twisted, but with a bit of truth in them.

    The Aerojet facility did indeed make “ordnance” (ammunition) and many people from the area worked there, my wife included. I went up there many times when it was still in operation in the ’70s and early ’80s. There were no missile launches … their ‘specialty’ was just 80mm rounds (with depleted uranium for weight) and stuff like that.

    As far as the GREEN MIST goes, I personally witnessed that phenomenon several times back in the early ’70s. I believe it was simply car headlights from a distance shining up through the area that was quite misty on chilly nights. Indeed, it did have the appearance of a creeping, moving mist with a greenish tint. It was pretty freaky!!!! And yes, it was a great excuse to take girls up there to park and see it, especially because it was so real and freaky looking, they were always impressed! 🙂

    [You seem to have demystified the mist! — DA]

  • brianna

    I heard that the place was like a chemical plant or something? and like there was a pig man or something, who use to kill people and sew pig heads onto their faces?

    that sounds a bit crazy tho so maybe its fake…haha

  • louie b

    I too have heard of the pig man, have never seen him though, wonder if he’s spreading swine flu…

    another thing though, the cult in carbon canyons gate is right on the border of chino hills/brea (orange county line ) you cannot miss it.

    a friend of mine grew up in the 60s in Brea/Fullerton area and told me a story that seems very credible. Let me begin…

    So back in the 60s he and his boyscout buddies were hiking throughout carbon canyon, they unknowingly crossed into the cults main compound area (at the time there werent fences and no front gate to keep people out). He and his scouts were escorted back to the main road and left. What they saw was 2 or 3 large warehouse sized living quarters where people lived, the vibe he got was really creepy though.

    Secondly, another friend of mine who moved to carbon canyon in 2001 had a similar experience, except his wasnt as friendly.

    My friend Bryan and his roomates crossed over into the Cults property and hiked through the hills kind of following a path but staying off of it to remain super secretive. They too eventually came across a meeting area (where the trails meet) where large warehouse sized living quarters were.

    They got sort of freaked out when they got a lil closer because they could hear and see a dude on a dirtbike patrolling the area. So they split and walked down back to the main caybon canyon road. They flagged down a police officer and asked him if he’d known about the property up there. He said theyd just trespassed and if anything happened to them itd be very unlikely that anyone would ever find out because that property was bought by the cult from the counties and its really never visited by authorities.

    I was really creeped when both friends of mine (they werent friends, hell they are 25 years apart in age) pretty much described their stories to me. I really wanted to get a good idea of what they were talking about without actually having to go there myself (keep in mind the temptation was there, i drove right past that place everyday to work, talk about juju).

    Anyhow, so with the technological advances of 2007, i was able to google earth the location, and pretty much go explore thru the hills with a birds eye view, and the trails both friends had described lead to a center point where large living quarters are located in the middle of nowhere in these hills… strange times, but in my mind totally credible… im guessing these folks make bibles in the hills or something, not too sure… but just thought id share that story with you guys.

    if anybody else has a story in regards to the cult, lanterman development center, spadra cemetery (old abandoned pomona cemetery adjacent to 57 fwy/temple aves).. please post, these have all been places of great interest to me since high school and my days of ghosthunting/scary place late night adventures with my friends and of course young horny women.

    thanks for reading!

  • Ryan Jackman

    The green mist? Some of these comments of hauntings are completely false.

    I am a resident of chino hills and i know why there was the green mist. Aerojet was one of the worst companies ever. they polluted the entire area surrounding their company with many different kinds of toxins. When the people became aware of it the company proposed a settlement.

    I am not sure how many plaintiffs were involved with this class action suit but from personal experience with living in this area, not all of these people were taken care of. I won’t mention any names but my friends mom suffers from a rare disease that affects how her oxygen is absorbed through her blood in her lungs. Now instead of working at a paying job she has to be careful of what she does because she has to be on oxygen 24/7. Another friend of mine lost a daughter to several types of cancer because she played in the creeks as a young child that come from the hills where AEROJET used to be. she died at the age of 15. wasn’t even able to live her life now her father suffers from drug and alcohol addiction.

    After AEROJET shut down they began to clean up the soil by loading it in dumpster trucks and hauling it off. I don’t know where they took the soil but i do know that they took the soil in trucks at night time. They said there was less traffic, but I think that it was so they wouldn’t be noticed as much as they would have in the day. After the company settled, a stipulation to the individuals who received the settlement was put forth. This stipulation makes me extremely angry, it was that anyone receiving the settlement was not allowed to talk about the damage that AEROJET caused.

    My two friends that were affected by this horrible act by never received any compensation because their effects weren’t noticed to be linked to the AEROJET incident until after the stipulation was put into effect.

    To me, incidents like this one are eztremely infuriating. Our own government allows the bigger pocket to win. AEROJET is still a wealthy business and the ones that they hurt are still suffering from the loss of loved ones.

    That is the answer to the green mist. if you see any more green mist anymore then stay away from it. this particular green mist spread throughout the chino/chino hills area and kids who were playing outside were breathing this stuff in and becoming deathly ill.

  • Chris

    As a local of the city, green mist used to be a hang-out spot, like Spanish Lane in Industry…. good old times.

  • Tom P.

    HAHA the green mist! back when i was young there was also a rumor of a “pig man” and the gothic “cult” with animal sacrifice in the old creeks that run from Peyton along Woodview and from Duke to Rolling Ridge. Great memories and horror stories LOL

  • DAve

    My mom was the nurse at the Aerojet plant and when they got a whole barrelfull of dirty solvent (trichlorethylene I believe) they’d just take it out in the field and kick it over. Could be the mists, could be the delicious groundwater. O for the carefree days of yore.

  • The Bookbabe

    By the time I got through the list of stories about the Legend of Green Mist, I forgot why I had a bug up my butt to research the story.

    But thanks for recapping what apparently is the “many” legends of Green Mist. Keep them coming.

    When I first heard about the legend of Green Mist, I recall a story that dates much further back in time than the Aerojet days, back before Chino Hills was known as Chino Hills.

    The first time I visited Green Mist and was enticed by its spooky legend was in 1985. My Green Mist Legend story dates back to the days when the area was first discovered to contain valuable copper ore.

    If I can find some corroboration of My Green Mist Legend, I will post it.
    –the Babe

    [If everyone else waited for corroboration before posting, there wouldn’t be 40-some comments here about an urban legend. Nevertheless, we appreciate your desire for accuracy and will wait patiently to hear more. — DA]

  • Katherine Allmand

    My mom used to go up there all the time with her friends. One night they were trying to find the road that led to some completely off-topic place. Anyways her and her friend were sitting in the back of their friend’s pickup truck as they looked at the map as to which road to take. Just saying ahead of time my mother nor her friend had drank or did drugs before this moment. My mother was talking, then she saw her friends eyes look straight past her staring at something behind her. She began to scream for them to drive away. As they did my mother looked and saw three “floating” heads. They seemed to be moving over and around each other. They had piercing, bright red eyes. But it was too dark to see any bodies. I did research on what it might of been, and this is my hypothesis. Since many people performed satanic rituals in Green Mist, I believe she saw Cerberus, the guard dog to the gateway of hell. I believe this is what she saw because of the way she described them moving. I showed her pictures of Cerberus and she said, and I quote, “That looks like what I saw, but I couldn’t see the body.” Please help me. This is scary!

  • denise

    I used to live at the very top of Bayberry where it dead ended with Peyton. I could see the green mist from my back yard. This was in the 70’s. It really made for many a scary slumber party etc. Aerojet would set something off usually on tuesday afternoons and it would shake our house.. and us kids spent many a day at tarantula hill which was up the crooked road leading to aerojet. There would be hundreds of them there. It was bizarre. Wonderful childhood memories growing up there. Too bad it is so different now 🙁

  • Bob A.

    The “blue mist” was real (sort of). I saw it. Sure, it was caused by car headlights, etc., but the EFFECT was spooky enough to propagate the legend and it sure was a good excuse to park out there with a girl!


    Green Mist? Maybe. Maybe not. I too grew up in Chino Hills in the days before incorporation. When the houses surrounding Townsend Jr HS were slipping and sliding because they were built on a former landfill. My babysitter’s house slid a few feet and went through lengthy litigation with the City.

    I remember “the Gully” and the Pigman and Green Mist. Apparently the Green Mist was from escaping gases around Aerojet that mixed with phosphates. These phosphates kept the gases from releasing too quickly into the air, thus creating a “fog” or mist.

    Aerojet was started in the 50s so it’s possible that the mist started when many of you were in HS in the 50s or 60s. Anyway, I love Chino Hills and it sucks for the residents of Vellano to have missed the good old days! Thanks David for the blog!

    [You’re welcome, and thank you for the comment. — DA]

  • Pop

    I’d forgotten the ‘green mist’, I used to work at the Aerojet Ordnance plant up there (1977-1995) and, though I never saw it, many of the earlieir employees said they did.

    As to a scientific explanation: They used to manufacture 30MM cannon ammo and much of it contained DU (depleted uranium). In powder form it was green and in some manufacturing practices (reworking) the DU projectiles would be drilled into and the effect was such that a substantially green foggy/mist would float into the atmosphere. I worked this for a while and saw it often; the bldg. wherein this activity occurred was almost always open to the outside (as it was hot and no AC).

    It’s possible that during cool nights — when the well known ground fog would present itself — and with high activity of rework manufactuing going on, that the ground fog would take on a greenish tint.

    [Makes sense, although I can’t say that depleted uranium in powder form wafting through the fog is any more comforting than the more fanciful explanations. — DA]

    • Ashley Kibler

      Would you mind if I ask you a few questions about the Aerojet site? I’m writing a paper on it.

      • davidallen909

        Ashley, as I doubt “Pop” is going to see your comment, at least not before your homework is due, let me suggest that you contact Janet at Flo’s Airport Cafe in Chino. She’s a former Aerojet employee.

        • Ashley Kibler

          It was s shot in the dark. I’m actually writing my senior thesis on a history of the site and the cleanup process (mini-dissertation) and I’ve had a hard time getting Aerojet to talkto me. Thank you for your help.

  • Cameron

    Friends of mine snuck into the Aerojet facility two nights ago. I’m not sure what building they went into but it said “INACTIVE” on the door. They went inside only to find a bunch of dead animals. Coyotes, and a lot of cats. A few were missing heads. I’m surprised they didn’t get caught by the guards if guards are even up there anymore? pretty creepy if you ask me.

  • NobleSurfer

    One night back in ’76 I think a bunch of us from Chaffey were cruisin da Mist one very foggy night. Crawling along when suddenly we see figures walking alongside the road. Freaky albinos, bright red eyes and black robes walking toward us! Scared the beejeebees out of us tough old jocks!

    A few weeks later we’re down there and got into a running beer bottle fight with a couple of carloads of lowriders – dang Chino Sinners probably. Damn those were great times!

  • alred

    worked security in this facility from september to late november 2005, doing the 5PM to 5AM shift. during the day the hills were moved, literally, from one point to the other, as heavy equipment dug the earth to be sieved with fine mesh in search of anything metallic. i would be up and about all night to do patrol from the top of the hill (command post) to a point close to those buildings; the patrol was done at the bottom of the hour, all the time. with only my bright flashlight, it was kind of creepy though as i walk past those tractors/dozers, payloaders, etc. and observe other dark shapes in the distance (turned out to be cattle), blinking yellow and greenish lights (eyes of coyotes and other animals), and occasional rattles. there was that greenish gray mist but it was most probably caused by reflections from car headlights from the freeways. anyway, except for the darkness on moonless nights (with only the star lights high above) and the occasional santa ana winds, the place was just like any abandoned place – eerie at most, with huge empty buildings. i had to request for urgent transfer to another location though, because of the presence of a huge mountain lion encountered one early morning (about 3:45AM); did not come back to work that day – my last at aerojet facility.