A mini-break

…as the English call vacation. After working Monday and Tuesday, I’ve got the rest of the week off. I managed to write columns ahead, as is my wont, so my absence won’t be obvious. (I like being a columnist so much that if at all possible I try not to relinquish the newspaper space.)

I’m not going anywhere this time, just running errands and kicking back, but I had some use-them-or-lose-them days and also am in need of a break.

That said, I’ll continue posting here. Because I won’t be on the computer most of the day, as I am when I’m at the office, it will take longer for your comments to show up. As you probably know, all comments must be read and approved by me before they are posted; that’s just the way the system works. But keep leaving ’em and a couple times a day I’ll check the site.

And no, I didn’t get up at 5:34 a.m. on a day off to post this! I’m writing these words late Tuesday.

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    Enjoy your mini-vacation…..
    just don’t spend to much time at the mini-bar…..

  • ray

    Maybe Hal can fill in while your on vacation ????

    [He seemed to be filling in even before my vacation. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Enjoy the time off. You may need it worse than you think. Your puzzlement about the “bumps” (or as we said in Claremont, the “dips,” as in “shooting the dips”) is worrisome. We’ve discussed it/them on this blog before — I believe in a thread about Stinky’s and the Midway back in the fall. Rest up.

    [I must be a dip myself. I’ll go back and refresh my memory. — DA]

  • Enjoy your mini vacation dude…actually I myself will be on vacation next week as well.

  • bflaska

    The DIPS! That was a remarkable cheap thrill (unless you bottomed out the vehicle. Worse if it were borrowed from parents).