Pulled pork and marshmallows

Had lunch Thursday at the Corner Butcher Shop, at Fruit and Foothill in La Verne, a new, yet old-fashioned, butcher shop that also serves sandwiches. My pulled pork on a French roll, plus cole slaw and a Faygo soda ($8.40), were good stuff. (In-joke for Claremont Courier readers: Martin Lomeli wasn’t eating there.)

From there, after a couple of errands, I dropped into 21 Choices Frozen Yogurt at Foothill and Mountain in Claremont. Only my second time in the place, but whenever I pass by, there’s either a line out the door or people are walking toward it from the parking lot as if hypnotized. (The 21 Choices in the Village Expansion, which has been under construction for probably a year, albeit with little to show for it, now looks like it could actually open. Someday.)

I ordered one of the daily specials, vanilla bean (“98 percent fat free”), and had the counter girl add strawberries. She plopped out the yogurt onto a cutting board, added fresh strawberries and began chopping the whole thing up with a cleaver.

A customer watched all this, asking the counter girl what flavor of yogurt it was, saying it looked good and asking me if I’d had it before (no). The counter girl told her that chocolate with strawberries was very popular.

The customer then said to me excitedly, “You know what would be really good? Strawberries with marshmallow.” I scrunched up my face, indicating that I disagreed violently, and also that in my opinion she may have lost her marbles, and paid my tab ($3.95).

On my way out, I heard the customer order vanilla bean yogurt.

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  • judi

    Oh, Daaaaa-vid,

    Did you think you could get away with not talking about your TV debut last night? Shame on you for not giving us all the heads-up on it! (For those of you who missed it, David was interviewed on a local television magazine-like show called “Southern California Life” which airs nightly on KVMD. The segment will eventually be available on their website: http://www.socallife-tv.com.)

    You did a great job and were very funny, although I’m not sure if Chino laughed as hard as I did. So maybe you’re not really on vacation this week — maybe you’re hiding from the Chinoan mafia. Or possibly just from the paparazzi.

    You need to go out and buy yourself a horn so you can practice tooting it for yourself!

    [Glad you liked it, Judi. Honestly, though, that segment was taped back in December 2006 and aired the same day. This is the third time they’ve shown it, and the only notice I had this time was when I read in the paper Thursday that it was airing that night! After three broadcasts, you’re the first person to tell me they’ve seen it. — DA]

  • Don J

    Dave, Faygo isn’t soda, it’s “pop”; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faygo#History

  • “Hal Linker”


    Sounds like some kind of communist soft drink. Is it fluoridated? Hmmm.

    Gotta get back to my fried spaghetti and potato chip sandwich. Pass the mustard and mayo, Hadla.

  • Bob House

    Our country is deeply divided on what we call what we drink . . . look at this map. http://tastyresearch.files.wordpress.com/2006/10/popvssodamap.png

    [According to the map I’m from “soda” territory, but my recollection is that everyone called it “pop.” — DA]