Restaurant of the Week: Good Time Cafe


Good Time Cafe, 2923 Chino Ave., Suite H4, Chino Hills

Attentive readers will remember the debate in this space about the lack of real Chinese food in the Inland Valley. Since then I’ve written about a find in Chino Hills, the Peking Deli. Well, here’s a second Chino Hills Chinese place that’s just as good.

Good Time Cafe occupies a wide, shallow storefront in the 99 Ranch Market center at Peyton Drive and Chino Avenue, just a bit south of Pomona. As the sign on the door promises, it serves Taiwanese-style cooking. The menu boasts 192 items, including an astonishing 47 appetizers. Granted, some of them are only for the hardy — pig blood rice cake, anyone? — but there’s plenty for the rest of us, and dozens of soups, noodle and rice dishes, seafood and meat entrees, vegetarian items and a category called potage, a kind of porridge.

Oddly, unlike the rest of the menu, names of the menu’s 22 beverages are untranslated from the Chinese. Better ask for help there.

I had Tainan’s Peddler Noodle, dried rather than as soup. It had noodles, ground sausage and a tea-simmered hardboiled egg, a dish made in what I’m told is the style of street food in the Taiwanese city of Tainan. It was delicious and filling. This $4.95 entree came with a free pot of hot tea. Total outlay with tax and tip: $6. You can’t beat that with a chopstick.

Service was friendly, the dining room was immaculate and a flat screen TV broadcast Chinese language news. To sum up, yes, I had a good time at the Good Time Cafe.

And I’m looking forward to my next meal here, even if it’s unlikely to be No. 176, fried kidney with sesame oil.

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  • Katherine Monaco

    Mr. Allen:

    In reference to your post regarding Monaco’s Restaurant on 3/7/08 — The owners of the restaurant are my husband’s parents, and my husband and I own the company which supplied the natural stone. I’m not sure where you get your knowledge of stone, but I can assure you the tabletops at Monaco’s are not “faux-marble,” they are granite. Our crew fabricated and installed every last piece. The greeter’s station is a tumbled travertine wall in Ivory Classic with “Monaco’s” set in glass mosaic. The bartop and kitchen countertop are also done in travertine.

    I was thinking….while you were at Monaco’s that second time, you could have asked to “keep the menu” and then finished reading the rest of the family story while you were enjoying that great pizza. Just a thought.

    Have a nice day.

    Katherine Monaco

    [Thanks for the corrections and added info, Katherine. I don’t know anything about stone, in part because I’m a renter rather than a homeowner, and thus shouldn’t have guessed. And yeah, I shoulda asked to keep the menu but it didn’t occur to me (handing back a menu being a reflex action); the story is probably on the Monaco’s website, though, right? — DA]

  • Pogue Mahone

    Gee, I’m glad that whole granite controversy was cleared up.

  • Lisa

    I’m pleased you solved the mystery of how the hardboiled egg turned brown. Tea-simmered, huh? I found it surprisingly delicious in my soup at Good Time Cafe — though I was slightly thrown by the brownish hue.

    [Lisa’s the one who recommended I try this place. She’s a good egg herself. — DA]

  • annie Muss

    Oh David. Thanks for the Restaurant Of The Week postings. Being a long term area resident, I really enjoy them. You provided such wonderfully delicious information regarding The Good Time Cafe. You dutifully provided all sorts of information including selections, cuisine history, menu selections and prices. My only complaint is that, for reasons unknown, you completely failed to provide any information at all regarding their countertops. You’re slipping.

    [I’m glad you don’t take me for granite. — DA]

  • Annie Muss

    I especially like the nice counter tops at Pho Ha Vietnamese Restaurant on Indian Hill. I believe they’re pho granite.

  • mike alerich

    I give up!, how would I register / sign up to write ‘Blogs’ for your great paper.
    Please get back to me.
    Mike Alerich

    [I’m a staff writer doing a blog on the side. I don’t think we’re looking for freelance bloggers. Thanks for saying we’re a great paper, though. — DA]