Combo plates

Had lunch Wednesday at Shalimar Garden, a combination Pakistani/Chinese restaurant at Holt and Main in Pomona. (The building, which began as a Bob’s Big Boy, has gone through many permutations.) Referring to the twin cuisines, reader Bob Terry advised me: “Be sure to let us loyal readers know how the tandoori eggrolls are, or the orange peel lamb.”

Of course the cuisines aren’t really mixed. I had a beef dish whose name I don’t recall (it was No. 14) and it was pretty good. There was only one other customer there, not a good sign. My waiter, who’s Chinese, said when a customer orders off the Chinese menu, he goes into the kitchen to make it himself.

Other combination restaurants I’m aware of: Giuseppe’s, an Italian/Middle Eastern place in San Antonio Heights; Golden Wok, which has burgers, donuts, Chinese food and Louisiana fried chicken, in Pomona; and Walter’s in Claremont, with Afghan, American and Italian food.

Bon appetit!

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  • meg

    I’ve wondered about that place many times (usually when on my way to the delectable GuaSalMex across the street). Due to the Bob’s Big Boy design, you can’t really see inside.

    As for other bi-ethnic restaurants, Holt has several places that do tacos and pizza, but they all look too skeevy even for me (and I don’t skeeve easily).

    [Dang, I forgot to mention Guasalmex, the Guatemalan-Salvadoran-Mexican place practically across the street from Shalimar Garden. — DA]