When Batman visited Pomona

In writing recently about the Funny Business comic book store relocating to 896 N. Garey Ave. from a few blocks north, the Goddess of Pomona blog got a bit poetic:

“Of course, in a perfect Pomona, Funny Business would be located in a respectable space downtown. But as we all know, Pomona is no Gotham City. Batman doesn’t ever seem to come here to make things right.”

Not so fast, Goddess!

My friend Pat read that blog post and sent me a note, as follows:

“The Caped Crusader DID come to Pomona. Adam West, in full Batman costume, cut the ribbon to open the Indian Hill Mall when it got its roof in ’82.

“God help me for knowing this, but I was there and a young enough dork to find it quite thrilling! And shaking his gloved gauntlet was also a kick.”

Batman hasn’t been seen here lately, but perhaps business has been keeping him in Gotham (and Hollywood). Maybe if Chief Joe Romero got a Bat-Signal for the police HQ’s roof…

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  • meg

    But if Chief Romero took on the mantle of Commissioner Gordon, Joker would do something terrible to his daughter!

    (Yes, I’m a DC geek, why do you ask?)

    [Meg is referring to the plot of the graphic novel “Batman: The Killing Joke.” And I’m only vaguely embarrassed I knew that. — DA]

  • Charles Bentley

    The problem is that Adam West now spends all his time on the East Coast as the mayor of Quahog, R.I. You can’t expect someone to leave such a glamorous position just to fall back on some minor character work he did 40 years ago.

    Maybe you should see if William Katt is available to reprise his role as Ralph Hinkley.

    Just a thought.

    [Yes, better that Pomona gets the Greatest American Hero than the Tick or Captain Nice, I suppose. — DA]

  • I remember a costumed Batman when the Chino Spectrum had its official grand opening. They even brought out the original Batmobile…what is it with Batman and shopping center openings?

    [I can’t answer that, but I can tell you the best shopping-center-opening on film is the one in “Galaxy Quest” performed by a thinly veiled homage to the original “Star Trek” actors. — DA]

  • “Hal Linker”

    Burt Ward (Boy Wonder), now 62, lives in Norco where he runs the non-profit Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoption operation for dogs near the Naval Weapons Center(which, perhaps unfairly, received some bad press a couple of years ago). He frequents the local Stater Brothers on Main Street. He’s gained a lot of weight over the years and is a fussy shopper.

    [You’re right: Pomona had Batman for a couple of hours, but Norco has a full-time Robin. — DA]

  • Don J

    Actually Dave, Adam West noted the Indian Hill Mall grand opening was one of the last times (or THE last time…) he wore the costume (in public, I assume).

    [Yes, who knows what he does behind closed doors. — DA]

  • Allen Kephart

    I met Adam West at the San Diego Comic Con in 1994. He was very friendly. He was not dressed up in the batsuit however…

    [So he was in his Bruce Wayne garb? — DA]

  • Steve M

    Dave you should by a compass Funny Business moved a few blocks south not north of their old location.

    [And you should “by” reading glasses: I never said they moved north, I said they moved to the new Garey address “from a few blocks north.” — DA]

  • Joey Samaniego Funny Business

    Hello David,

    Just a friendly reminder that Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is May 3. Anyone bringing a can of food will not only get a “FCBD” comic but one of the following.

    Spiderman, Batman, and Fantastic Four.

    The can of food will find its way to the needy.

    If your friend “Pat” is the same as my friend “Pat,” don’t tell him where I moved.

    Over the years we’ve been called “almost” a comic shop, because our hours are short, our store small, but we’ve been open 24 years. So for the record…(to be continued in the next issue).

    Thanks for your support, see ya in the funny papers

    Joey Samaniego co-owner of Funny Business

    P.S. thanks for the words Goddessofpomona.

    [I’m pretty sure my friend Pat is also your friend Pat! Congratulations on 24 years. — DA]

  • Chris Nichols

    Adam West, Burt Ward, Batmobile designer George Barris and a bunch of bat-excitement is coming to Michigan in June. Batcopter rides! It’s so far, but I’m considering it.


  • David Ewers

    Burt Ward also made an ‘appearance’ at the fairgrounds, late ’70s, did a schtick (“the Batmobile’s in the shop…”) & signed autographs at the racetrack…the high point of my life at the time.

    [Understandably. — DA]