Less pie

In a blow to West End pie lovers, the Bakers Square restaurant in Claremont has closed. The location, at 710 S. Indian Hill Blvd., just above the 10 Freeway, was among 56 Bakers Square and Village Inn locations across the U.S. that closed after their parent company filed bankruptcy.

A total of 343 of the two restaurants remain in business, including the Bakers Square at 1401 Foothill Blvd. (at Wheeler) in La Verne. So there’s that comfort.

Still, the Claremont location will be missed by some. “I really liked their strawberry/pineapple/coconut pie. . . .sigh. . .” reader Joanne Boyajian laments.

I’m more a Flo’s and Corky’s man myself, or even Marie Callender’s, but I passed by the Claremont Bakers Square frequently and it will be a little sad not to see it there.

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