Light humor

A beer truck tipped over on South Haven Avenue in Ontario on Wednesday morning, tipster John Corder phoned to tell me. The back was open, revealing that the truck was full of Bud Light.

“It wasn’t light enough,” Corder noted, “or it would have made the turn.”


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  • Brian

    Hey Dave. Yes, a trailer did tip over going S/B Haven to E/B Airport, heading to Biagi Bros, a beer shipper who’s warehouse is just down the street. The load was top heavy or the driver was going to fast. Whoops. Had Airport shut down all morning while the big tows uprighted the trailer after it was unloaded. And no, the driver wasn’t sampling the load.

    [Thanks for the info. A colleague had called the PD around noon and nobody knew anything about it. She called later in the afternoon and then it was confirmed. Whew. I’d hate to think a tipster was steering me wrong. — DA]