Local treasure

I maintain that the Super Tents at University of La Verne is that city’s most striking building. But one can’t help but be impressed by the Metropolitan Water District building.

The Foothill Cities Blog has details, plus photos. I believe the building showed up in “National Treasure 2.” The MWD site gives more information, and its address.

(Incidentally, I appear to have won a contest on that blog as its 10,000th commenter. Although my suspicion is that they just liked my comment best.)

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  • Dominick

    While attending school at Damien High School nearby, I would often hear that building referred to as “the church” — with some people actually believing it was some sort of cathedral.

    When you get right up next to it, it’s downright frightening and intimidating. It’s such an absurd building for its purpose.

    [It’s not a cathedral, it’s a temple to water! — DA]

  • Don J

    National Treasure 2? It’s obviously a favorite Jerry Bruckheimer location — it was also used as the War Dept (I believe) in “Pearl Harbor.” It’s kinda sad to have all that post-9/11 security ’round it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/the_ron Ronald Scott

    When I first saw the super tents all I could think of were Madonna’s bras.

    [When I wrote about the building a few years ago, we ran side-by-side photos of the Super Tents and Madonna in her cone bra. — DA]

  • Eric

    David, while I agree that the exterior of the Weymouth plant’s “Head House” (as it is referred to by MWD) is impressive, the interior of this building and others on the site are just as or even more breathtaking. It is like stepping back in time when you travel the long corridors with the original tile still in place, thick concrete walls, old equipment and the smell of chlorine. You should attempt a tour…

    [“I love the smell of chlorine in the morning!” Sorry. Yes, a tour sometime would be cool. — DA]

  • “Hal Linker”

    With regard to the Tents / Tits in La Verne:

    Wasn’t there a building in the Pomona Valley Inn complex that had some conical tit-like points as well? Or is my memory messed up?

    Then there are the great tetons of the San Onofre nuclear power plant used so effectively in the Naked Gun.

    For Bay Area residents there is the two o’clock titty which is a natural phenomena projected by the sun on the Saint Mary’s cathedral every afternoon at that time.

    check it out:


  • Charles Bentley

    David, you know I couldn’t let this one go without a comment!

    The Sports Science & Athletics Pavilion (formerly the Super Tents) has been provided any number of “descriptive” alternative images. The Giant Hershey Kisses. The Simpson’s Cow. Twin Peaks South. Barnum & Bailey’s Retirement Home.

    Longtime L.A. weatherman Dr. George Fishbeck even wrote a note one time that read “Like the Arabs, La Verne is ‘in tents’!”

    I think everyone would agree that while the Pavilion is certainly an identifiable icon in our community, the MWD’s Weymouth Treatment Plant is a magnificent architectural landmark. It deserves recognition far beyond just being a “location” piece in a Bruckheimer summer blockbuster.