Turns out it’s easy bein’ green

Cows annually belch about 145 pounds of methane, which contributes to global warming. In fact, an L.A. Times report last week says methane has 23 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide.

You know what this means? Chino and Ontario are inadvertently going green.

Think about it. With their cows and ranchers migrating elsewhere as dairyland is replaced by homes, the two cities are drastically reducing their contributions to climate change.

Well, except for all the commuters wholl move into those homes. One problem at a time, please.

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  • DAve

    ANY herbivorous animal does about the same.

    Meaning that if we REALLY want to get serious about reducing these emissions we need to rid the world of the scourge of deer, elk, caribou, antelope, moose and other enemies of the blessed Mother Earth.

    [Now we’re gettin’ somewhere. — DA]

  • http://mrontario.blogspot.com/ Ontario Emperor

    I hope that the new residents of the Model Colony don’t produce that much methane.

  • judi

    My question: Who measures that stuff? What do you write on your resume? Does the company have a CEO (Cow Emissions Operator)?

    Sorry. I was in one of those moooooooods.

  • “Hal Linker”

    As Cheech Marin (as Pedro) once said: “Puchi apestar! Gotta stop eatin’ those Rosarita refrieds!”