A day off

Because of the computer meltdown at the Bulletin (and our sister papers), getting Friday’s column into print meant writing it a second time, from memory and my notes, when the first version proved inaccessible, as noted in Friday’s paper.

However, rewriting Friday’s column consumed the time I would have spent writing Sunday’s column. I’ve maxed out on vacation time and was committed to taking Friday off (and probably two days next week). The only way to throw together a column for Sunday was to stay late. Working overtime Thursday to take off a few vacation hours Friday isn’t very logical, and so, spurred on by the continuing computer difficulties, I gave up and went home.

Thus, no Sunday column. It’s the first time I didn’t write a column since spring of 2005. Usually I go to great lengths to fill the space for vacations, but then, that was before this blog entered the picture, sopping up stray material and time.

I knew the streak had to end sometime. It’s a relief, really, because for vacations and an upcoming news assignment I’m likely to miss a few more columns this summer, and we might as well get used to the idea. Well, me more than you.

When you realize my space is filled with something else, it’s only a couple of seconds of disappointment, or maybe even relief, but of course I like to imagine it’s a crushing blow.

That said, I’m personally committed to posting seven days a week on this blog through its first anniversary in September, and I haven’t missed a day yet. What can I say, I like to set weird goals for myself.

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  • Summer is always full of material!!

  • Charles Bentley

    Congratulations on what you’ve already accomplished with your consecutive column mark and what still lies ahead with your blog streak. I know many don’t understand the voracious nature of the business, how yesterday’s masterpiece is today’s fish wrap (or in the case of the Web, tomorrow’s cached text).

    Look back on the Iron Man streak set by Cal Ripken in Baltimore – 2,632 consecutive games played. But at least he had the winter (and quite a few autumns) off!

    Said Cal: “It takes a special set of circumstances. You have to be worthy of being in the lineup. You have to have a determination and desire to be in there. You have to have a love of the game. You have to be persistent. You have to be stubborn. Everything has to go your way.”

    David, you’re certainly worthy of being in the editorial lineup. You have the determination and desire. I assume you have a love of the medium (you can’t be doing it for the money!). You are persistent and, on occasion, persnickety. And while everything doesn’t always go your way, you’ve proven you can go with the flow.

    So, again, congratulations on a proud streak of enlightening, entertaining and engaging your readers!

    [Wasn’t that nice? Thanks, Charles. I kept the streak going longer than I’d ever expected, and probably too long, in the sense that it affected my vacation plans. Because writing a full week’s columns ahead was impossible, I never took a full week off. I love writing these columns but decided I could stand to be slightly less neurotic about it. — DA]