Beatle browse

I hit Rhino Records’ 15 percent off sale on Memorial Day, but I also made time for Montclair’s Circuit City, which was having its twice-a-year sale in which all CDs from $10.99 to $13.99 are discounted to $9.99. The selection gets skimpier every year but 10 bucks does make some “wobbler” CDs worth taking a chance on.

You get used to seeing CDs misfiled at chain stores, where the customers’ sloth is probably matched only by the employees’. My compulsion for order sometimes compels me to carry a few into their rightful place, especially for musicians I like.

Funniest misfiling of the day: Under the “George Harrison” tab, there was one single CD. Who was it by? Paul McCartney. I guess at this point in history, it’s all the same thing.

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  • Bob House

    A common joke in the ’90s, among those who were around in the ’60s, was that many youngsters considered the Beatles to be simply “Paul McCartney’s old band.”

    [I’ve heard variations on that joke, with youngsters in the ’70s saying, surprised: “Paul was in a band before Wings?” — DA]

  • Annie Muss

    Nothing puzzles me more than the longevity of the tired old “Breakfast With The Beatles” radio program run every weekend.