Indiana in Ontario

Two straight Saturday mornings I’ve hit the AMC 30 Ontario Mills for an early movie. Did you know they have multiple showings of the big movies before noon, for a mere $6? Saw “Iron Man” a week ago at 10:45 a.m. and “Indiana Jones and the Very Long Title” this past Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

Not only is the price right, but at that hour you can get decent parking, there’s no line for the movie and not much of one at the ticket booth, and the theaters are at least 3/4 empty, allowing you to see a blockbuster in relative peace.

Not that you asked, but “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Computer Generated Effects” was enjoyable for what it was, but I left the theater feeling full of empty calories. The first half was sharp and then came the descent into incoherence and spectacle. As a friend said later, the movie had Spielberg’s first boring aliens.

As for Ontario Mills, it’s been years since I spent much time there, which I did back when it was the only entertainment option, so seeing it again had sociological interest.

Also, horror. On Saturday, performing under gray skies out on the promenade near the AMC ticket booths, was a mime. Yes, a mime in the 909. Near him was a cardboard sign reading “Mime School.” I gaped for a moment before heading into Market Broiler for lunch. When I exited, he was gone. Maybe he was there early for the parking too.

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  • Will Plunkett

    And interestingly, I saw Indy 4 at that same AMC on opening day in an Indiana Jones costume.

    [I hope you checked your bullwhip at the door, Will. — DA]