Campaign update

In a blow to the campaign of Norma Torres for a state Assembly seat, the powerful Mix Bowl Cafe in Pomona has unveiled its endorsement of rival Maurice Ayala, allowing him to post one of his signs out in front of the restaurant.

“Ayala for Assembly/A Name You Can Trust,” the sign reads. This is like the Jim Hahn/Kenneth Hahn approach — run on your father’s name. (Ruben Ayala was a longtime state senator from Chino.)

Maurice Ayala introduced himself to me at Mix Bowl a couple of months ago, so my guess is he’s probably a regular who persuaded the restaurant to let him post a sign.

Still, Mix Bowl’s coveted endorsement could spell trouble for Torres. Hmm. Wonder if Donahoo’s Chicken has weighed in yet?

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  • Francisco Espinosa

    Norma Torress mailers sent by unions contain empty claims.

    First mailer: Torres will solve the problem of lack of affordable health care for families, because she is a working mother and one of us.

    What does she mean? The Governor and Speaker Nunez traveled the entire state spending millions of dollars campaigning for health care reform unsuccessfully, but Torres thinks shell go to Sacramento to solve a national problem with her limited experience in local government? What has she done in Pomona worth mentioning besides looking for the best interest of the Firemen Association? Does one of us mean a voter? Or a puppet of the unions?

    Second mailer: Lifetime of fighting for public safety, experience in local government and being a mother of three makes her uniquely qualified for the assembly.”
    What does she mean? Her experience of four years as councilwoman and less than two as a mayor count as a lifetime? How she has made Pomona safer? Does a person needs to be a mother of three to be uniquely qualified to represent the district in the State Assembly?

    Third mailer: Help restore firefighting positions and properly equip firefighters to insure full staffing.”

    What does she mean? Pomona Fire services are leased from Los Angeles County as independent contractors. On top of the outrageous fees paid to them she provides them with additional equipment? This claim may be possible because as per Councilmember Rodriguez, she is the The type who stands to anyone and anything to protect the interest of unions, specially the fire department that endorses her campaigns?

    On the May 27, 2008 city council meeting, there was a demonstration at city hall about a checkpoint that created lots of controversy about police conduct on a checkpoint done on May 3, 2008. Do you know what Torres did? She left before the public finished speaking; she left through the back door afraid of facing the heat, is this is the representative that you want to send to Sacramento to swim with the sharks? Is this being tough? Please think about it.

    The unions are spending lots of money on Torres mailers trying to sell a candidate that has no platform and limited experience in politics, yet she is the best puppet the unions have. At the end, the unions may succeed convincing voters to elect Torres to the Assembly. But who will she represent; you the voter or the best interest of the unions that invested on her campaign? Count the flyers and see who sends them; it will give you the answer.

    [FYI, she announced she would be leaving the council meeting to go to her LAPD dispatcher job, where they were shorthanded. I don’t see an issue there; being mayor isn’t a fulltime job with a fulltime salary. — DA]

  • Maurice Ayala

    Dear David,

    Just a quick update on your blog info…

    Obviously I do share my parent’s last name. Despite that perceived political advantage, I am the most qualified candidate for the 61st A.D.

    1) I am the only candidate with any experience at all at the state level…and I’ve had more experience then some of the current legislators. Served as both Chief of Staff and District Director for this same Assembly district. Have actually presented many times before Assembly and Senate committees, both policy and fiscal committees. In this era of term limits, is seems quite an advantage to the constituents to elect someone who, from day one, can “hit the floor running”.

    2) As a series #7 N.A.S.D. licensed stock and bond broker, I’ve been professionally trained (Smith Barney / Dean Witter) in the areas of finance, investment and the bond market. Theses skills will be used on an almost daily basis in the legislature. No other candidiate has these skills.

    3) as a registered lobbyist, I have a thorough understanding of the parliamentary procedure of the legislature, knowledge of where the committee rooms are located, am familiar with the committees-the committee chairmen-the political tendencies of the players etc…again, this is knowledge gleaned from many years of working with the legislature and gives my constituents the advantage of electing someone who actually knows what they are doing from day one.

    4) With two years of Law school under my belt, I have no problem reading and comprehending the legalese of proposed legislation or the analysis from commitee consultants. Ken White tops me in this category…he is a fully licensed attorney and can therefore speak with authority on the importance of legal training for anyone working with legislation and/or existing law. Only Ken and I have this training and these skills.

    I am extremely proud of my family and their good name. My father was a trailblazer and even in his retirement remains relevant, especially with water issues. Hopefully the AYALA name is a strong and positive brand and helps my campaign. However, in a weak field of candidates my qualifications (skills / experience) for this position are exceptional.

    Make no mistake, whatever advantage my family name provides is appreciated. But, to say that I am running on my Father’s name and failing to mention that despite having a successful father, my personal accomplishments, skills, qualifications etc. merit consideration as being the best qualified candidate, seems a disservice to all my hard work and personal successes.

    And yes, I love Thai food and frequent Thai restaurants… but my endorsement is not merely because I am a good tipper. For many years I have been the point man for many in the Thai community. Be it small claims court, employer disputes, immigration issues, DMV, etc. I have lent my expertise to helping those who have trouble with the English language, trouble assimilating with a different culture, or maybe just need some help understanding the particular process before them. It is an endorsement for all the right reasons and goes much deeper than for which your blog gives credit.

    Knowing that you are primarily a “humor” columnist, makes me feel a bit small-minded and over-sensitive to take umbrage with the style and tone of your writing.
    My decision to reply to your blog is because there are those who do not necessarily “get” that you write a “humor” column. Probably not all your readers are of the proper mindset to peoperly “get” your stuff…to those many readers perhaps you do a disservice.

    To diminish my qualifications and endorsement in the name of humor leaves many people not laughing. It wasn’t really THAT funny, not everyone will “get it”.

    A fan,
    Maurice Ayala
    909 / 437.98.48

    P.S. Still wanting to take you to Taylor’s Cafe. (I’m endorsed there also but again, it has nothing to do with me being a good tipper)

    [No offense was intended, of course, and I attached no particular significance to the sign — plenty of businesses post signs for anyone who asks, even multiple candidates for the same job, after all — other than that Mix Bowl is one of my favorite restaurants. I hoped it would make for a cute blog item since I’ve written about the restaurant before. As for Taylor Cafe, yes, we’ll do that, but only after the election, so that the focus is on the cafe, as it should be. — DA]

  • Ronald Scott

    I got the joke…I think David was poking a little fun at the endorser and not the endorsee. That is why he followed with Donahoo’s. I heard the fish fry place in downtown Pomona was undecided thus far.

    [We’re also awaiting an endorsement from the comic book store that’s only open two days per week. — DA]

  • Maurice Ayala

    No offense taken.
    . .