Horsey Ontario and Pomona

52282-pomona ring.jpg
52283-Parnell house.jpg
52284-Trisha Lane Bowler and Miss Yoder.jpg

Following up on her hard-hitting Stinky’s query, Mary Simon socked me with another set of recollections and questions for the readership:

“I have another question or two, one of which I KNOW that no one but me will remember.” [Don’t be too sure, Mary. — DA]

“When I was 4 or 5 years old (late 1950s), there was a pony-ride place called Woolery’s. I’m pretty sure it was on Euclid, in south Ontario. There were two paths you could ride in — the walking lane or the trotting lane. As young as I was, I always chose the ‘walking’ lane.

“In later years, I showed hunters and jumpers through southern/central California. I trained at a place in Pomona — the Parnell girls academy. It was a residential school for girls, but also a riding school where peasants like myself could take lessons. Does anyone remember Parnell?”

I’m not sure which one Mary assumes no one will remember. Just to be safe, let’s try to dredge up anecdotes about each, OK?

* Update, May 2011: Parnell now has a Facebook page. And I’ve added photos here courtesy of Bev Chauvet: from top, the lower ring in Pomona circa 1969; the school’s main house; and the school’s owner and principal, Miss Yoder, with student Trisha Lane Bowler.

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