Too much Information Fair

At Saturday’s Pomona Information Fair, I said hello to Councilwoman Paula Lantz at the City Council booth and was given my very own official City of Pomona Mayor’s Office pencil.

“For taking accurate notes,” Lantz said with a smile. Hey, I’ll take whatever help I can.

Photographer Richard Nunez was there with spending money from the Goddess of Pomona blogger. He dipped into the stash to buy me a hot dog and a Pepsi — wasn’t that nice? — and then paid me a compliment, of sorts.

“Do you have a tapeworm in your stomach? I read about how you’re always eating at restaurants,” Nunez said. “I thought, this guy must be huge” — he held his arms out in a giant bubble — “but you’re not.”

It’s all about portion control, Mr. Nunez. At least, I always thought so…

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  • meg

    I’m imagining a TMI Fair (thanks to your title). I don’t think I’d go, and I certainly wouldn’t expect to see Paula Lantz there. But journalism is a harsh mistress, I suppose.

    [In journalism, every day is a TMI Fair. In blogging, too. Speaking of which, I miss “Hal Linker,” who seems to have disappeared. — DA]

  • Ms. Lois

    Hi David,

    I tried to find you Saturday during my break but you were out wandering. I was hoping for a picture for our blog. 🙂

    The Goddess and Mr. Big came soon after you left. They were sorry they missed you.

    [I’m sorry I missed them, and you. I’d have liked to have my photo on the library blog. — DA]

  • Chris Moran

    Mr. Nunez was at least partially correct.

    Yet he wasn’t aware that David Allen and I (a lowly online editor for the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin) have a mystical pact not unlike the relationship of Dorian Gray to his infamously aging portrait in The Picture of Dorian Gray:

    David goes out to eat whenever (and obviously wherever) he pleases and I, in turn, gain copious amounts of blubbery fat in his stead.

    Life is not always fair.

    [Now I’m worried what my ironic comeuppance will be. — DA]

  • Goddess of Pomona

    Pssst Miss Lois-

    Richard took a photo of David scarfing down his official Goddess of Pomona hot dog if you’re interested.


    I’m kinda jealous about that Mayor’s office pencil. That thing will be worth something someday when Norma goes national.


    Please don’t raid the slush fund without my permission in the future, unless it involves chocolate bread from the Pomona Baking Co.

    G of P

    [Hello, Goddess. Looks like our next step is Richard buying me chocolate bread with your money, then photographing me eating it, then sharing the photo with the library’s Ms. Lois. — DA]

  • Toni Bagley

    I’m becoming a bit concerned about you…do you always eat everywhere you go? Sometimes, when you describe your latest meal, I think, “Gosh, I could eat a week, or maybe a month, on that meal alone.” Not to be mean, but some of us have to buy gasoline.

    Nonetheless, we adore your articles…please write more about our Valley & LA history, and not so much about your latest feast. Buuuurp….thanks!

    [My meals sound large to you? It’s usually a sandwich or a couple of tacos. If you can eat for a month on that, you must be a size zero supermodel. — DA]

  • Toni Bagley

    To DA:

    “Ironic comeuppance”? How do I prefer my David Allen? “BOILED” (less fat). Sorry to plagiarize W.C. Fields. Love you.

  • Miss Havisham

    Chris Moran you kill me.

  • Ms. Lois


    I thought you should know I’d pay good money for that photo. Our blog would be famous. 🙂

  • richard e nunez

    ok the pic is up for bids, oh and goddess i will check with you next time before i spend all that money.