Gone fishin’, but still postin’

I’m on vacation all week. In New Orleans, in fact. Let the good times roll!

I’ll have a Wednesday column but have to skip Friday’s and Sunday’s. I will have blog entries daily, however. I promised you, and myself, that I would post daily on this blog for one full year, barring emergencies, and since it’s not September 2008 yet, I’m bound to keep posting.

However, yours truly doesn’t own a laptop, nor do I really feel like using my vacation time to blog. So what I’ve done is cheat a bit by writing up something short in advance for each day.

These advance postings aren’t dependent on your comments. Because unless I have access to a computer at some point, I won’t be able to read your comments until I’m back, and as most of you know, the blog is set up so that all comments must be read by me and posted manually. For this week, then, I’ve avoided those popular “anyone know whatever happened to…?” posts about local lore.

Feel free to leave comments, but don’t be surprised if they don’t show up online until next week. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s posts — including a Restaurant of the Week, which is more like a Restaurant of Last Week — and Wednesday’s column.

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  • Don J.

    Dave, I found the New Orleans Public Library is your friend. Or try your hotel lobby’s “business center,” for all your 3-for-1 Drunkblogging needs. Pat recommends the “hand grenades” at The Funky Pirate. On Bourbon Street, of course.

    [Didn’t think of using the library computers (and didn’t see your comment, obviously). Oh well. As for hand grenades, hurricanes and the like, I don’t drink so all I did on Bourbon Street was observe. — DA]