I’m back

Just flew back from New Orleans, and boy are my arms tired. (From flapping, not from lifting drinks.)

I’ll be posting real stuff, or as real as this blog gets, on Tuesday. Meanwhile, today I’ll try to catch up on whatever comments you’ve left, and any comments you leave starting today will be read soon. Not that I’m giving you anything today to comment on, admittedly. I’m just sayin’.

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    David….welcome home dude….we be havin’ a hot ole time in the IE while you were in Nawlins…sharpen that pencil & grab your notebook as it is time to hit those council meetings…they have some interesting topics to discuss!

  • Bob House

    Welcome back! As soon as you’re rested up from resting up, you need to put together a search party to find “Hal Linker.” It’s been over a month since we’ve heard from the loquacious Mr. “L.”

    Looking forward to your reports on eating in The City That Care Forgot. Not to pry, but how did you pick NO as the site of your vacation? Just for the food? Have you ever read “Confederacy of Dunces” (if not, you must).

    [Much will be revealed in Wednesday’s column, and NO eating will be the topic here Wednesday as well. Haven’t read “Confederacy.” — DA]