The $10.40 breakfast burrito

The other day I noted here that Claremont’s Back Abbey has a $13 hamburger, one that may actually be worth the money.

At ONT I discovered the $10.40 breakfast burrito.

That would be at El Paseo, the Mexican restaurant in the concourse. I was there around 5 a.m. (yawn) before my flight to New Orleans, hoping to grab a bite. El Paseo at that point seemed to be the only restaurant open. The juice place next door, my usual stop before a flight, is out of business.

I saw the price for the burrito at El Paseo and decided I didn’t need food that badly.

(I’m going to presume that rent at the airport is sky-high and that the prices reflect that. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to pay it.)

It could be an amazing breakfast burrito, of course. And is there a reason I would pay $13 for a burger, but not $10.40 for a breakfast burrito? I guess it does sound strange.

My reasoning is, I don’t really like breakfast burritos — my hazy, pre-dawn recollection is that that was the only breakfast-ish item on the menu, hence the only reason I considered it — and I didn’t want that much food. Whereas I like a good hamburger and for the ambience at The Back Abbey, I was willing to pay. Seeking a quick meal at the airport, I wasn’t.

Thankfully, ONT’s Carl’s Jr. opened before my flight and I had a breakfast sandwich and OJ for under $5. Their breakfast burritos were all around $3. You could probably get three for $10.40.

Anyone want to share tips or memories of meals at ONT? Hungry passengers will thank you.

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  • Jenn


    The links to your columns are all screwed up, unless you’re writing under fake names.

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  • Denise

    I was waiting for a flight in November of last year, and thought some garlic cheese twists from Round Table were the perfect way to get my vacation started. After waiting for someone to come to the counter for just about 10 minutes, I was told they were out of them. So much for that snack. I opted for a Coke instead, which was very highly priced as well.

    My professor in my master’s program just so happens to be a consultant at ONT/LAX, and he said they are in the works to get a contract with a very popular coffee conglomerate… maybe soon you’ll be able to get a scone and an iced coffee for just under $10.

    [Oooo, a very popular coffee conglomerate! Hope your vacation went well despite starting off with overpriced Coke instead of overpriced garlic cheese twists. — DA]

  • Annie Muss

    Denise, the passengers seated near you on the cramped plane undoubtedly appreciate that you ended up with a Coke instead of the garlicky treats…